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Monday, December 13, 2010

Everyone's Cata Vacation is over....Get ready for the Weekend NOW!

Whats that? More screenies? Ok. Here's yesterdays "The Openings"

I am still selling ALOT of uncut gems, ores, herbs, runescrolls, glyphs, inks, you name it, they are selling. Remember, you do not need to spend every minute checking the AH, I do it one time in the morning, once at night. If available, I will post noonish (midday). So I only hit the AH three times/day. I do however scan each time, and check the postings of the trade everytime (for the main reason of knowing your market).I am currently averaging over 1K in active auctions at any one time.

Now that everyone is back to work/school/college/whatever it is they took a few days off for the Cataclysm release, now is your time to get your sales ready for the weekend....A few preps that I will be doing this week (in no particular order).

1. Get another toon to 85. I hope you set your alts in towns (or inns) to get rested time while you were working on your main(s).

2. Farm, Farm, Farm. It might just be me, but it seems that they added spawn nodes to alot of "old" content. Check your AH for herbs and ores (as I hope you already have been doing) to see what the prices are (some posts from the weekend warriors will still be up today) and then head over to good'ol thottbot or your favorite wowhead type loot engine to see where they spawn (if you already dont' know).

3. There will be great need for all new herbs and ore for a while still, so if you don't see profitable old world mats for sale, stick with the new content. By now, you should know that your time farming should be worth anywhere from 500g to 1K per hour. If you are not making that, then you need to read up on some of my old posts and put the ideas to work.

4. I will be farming herbs and buying all stacks of them I see in AH for 75g or less (profitability on the different new herbs are different, but I will not buy from AH unless I double my investment). Some of the easier farmed herbs (such as Cinderbloom) are going steady for 60-80g per stack, and milling them and selling the inks is profiting around 10-15g per Blackfallow, and 50-60g for Inferno inks, but once again, check your servers selling prices to set your own snatch prices. I average 4-5 blackfallow per stack, with 1-2 infernos as a "bonus". So thats 90ish on the low end per herb stack and almost 200g on the high end. See where I am going here? Profits...

5. Along with #4, One of my farming toons is both an herbie and miner, so to go with the herbs, I will be mining and hitting the AH. Currently, server prices from prospecting are averaging around 400g per stack of Elementium (due to Obsidium being way overpriced, and way overfarmed atm...), so in all reality, 200g per stack is obtainable to double profit, but I am buying them at 150 consistantly. On average, per stack I will receive 5-6 "green" gems, and 1-2 blues. With the greens selling for 40-115, and the blues selling for 50-80ish, thats a potential 250g on the low end, and if you get lucky, and proc extra blues, I have hit over 1K on one stack.

6. Make something. Anything.....This will include getting the new Runescrolls of Fortitude II made (even though there isn't alot of profit there, around 50g each, the same price as the inferno's- but they still sell, so no loss, no gain, other than you can only sell so many of the inks, this helps sales). Dont burn all your Inferno's, sell some as just the ink, then make a few scrolls as well. Never put all your eggs in one basket. The Adventurers Journals are selling steady as well, 40-60g each, but I don't see them lasting at that price long, but once again, the mats double profit for them, so until they drop to mat prices, I will be selling these.


Cold said... Reply To This Comment

Have you used an Adventurer's Journal yourself? Pretty lame if you ask me. They are a 1 use consumable. I was hoping for a 4hr cooldown item to be a permanent item.

Both times I've used one for levelin I get a stupid +15% bonus damage to undead, which was useless in Mt. Hyjal.

Regardless, I'm still selling them for 49.99.99 each. I really expect only initial buyers and not many repeat sales as they are a consumable.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah, just to try the buffs out. No biggie, you are right. But as long as people keep buying them, that's good for us, right? =)

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