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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cataclysm and the Trade Channel- $$$$

It is getting extremely tough to talk about something that another blog has not listed, as they are popping up like wildfire everywhere. It all boils down to supply and demand for making big money on the AH. Do me a favor next time you log into your main. In chat, type in /played. See that number? Yeah, it's probably mind boggling. All the time you spend leveling/questing/farming/raiding...why not put in time at the AH too? To make WoW gold, it's not always about farming 100% of the time.

Get to know your auction house, it's ups and downs, what is selling, everything. When you are doing a scan on auctioneer (or whatever addon you are using) watch your /2 trade channel. As I am typing this, or when I am working online, I have a wow window up watching to see what people are buying and selling, and for what cost. If something is linked in trade, I mouse over or click to see what the going rate is off the AH. Why spend all your time farming if you don't need to? Let someone else do it. For instance, you see:

WTB [Obsidium Ore]. Paying 200g per stack, need all you have. PST.

What do you do? First off, my guess is that they are needing them for materials for a profession. What profession? It could be one of a few. I shift click the Ore to see what it's selling for in the AH. 265g average. Ok. Lowballer. This doesn't help much, but you get my picture of how to read into chat.

WTS [Twilight Jasmine]. PST offers.

BAM! Here you go. This is a chance to get a farmer on your side. First off, you want to click to see going rate in AH, or search yourself. Ok, they are going for 240ish. Most of the auctions are within a few gold of each other. That means that it has reached a constant. Thats good, you should be able to sell at or near that price...Next, ask a few questions..."How many stacks, how much for all?"....."24 stacks, 200g per stack".....Ok. there you know that you can profit around 20-30ish gold per stack on sales alone (minus AH cut). 24 X 20= 480g. "Sold" Then invite into group. almost 500g for zero work? Yeah. This works. See where I am going with this? After grouping, this is when you want to turn your game face on. Chat it up. "What else do you have for sale? Do you COD? Do you farm alot?" start asking all you can, and read into what they say. Not too good english (or broken badly)? Do they say a story (just got outta school)(on lunch break)? DONT FORGET TO TOSS THEM ON YOUR FRIENDS LIST (and add a comment of what they sold you, how much, what day/time- this will give you an idea of when they are online).

I hope you are seeing what this is doing. There is potential profit everywhere, all the time. Yesterday, I spent time in Hyjal looking for a new farmer (this might not work all the time, but hey....sometimes it does- sometimes you just end up with bots flying around, and no response. A good way to tell is that most "bots" will allow the AFK user to enter in how many "tells" they can be given before they instant log-out. If I assume them to be botting, I will just ask a few questions in a row, and cause a d/c). In case you were wondering, I have a new herb farmer from this.... =)

A few screenies of some recent mail trips since Cata (cuz everyone likes pictures):

To end this post, I wanted to answer a question that I have received multiple times.."How many posts in the AH do you have?". To answer that, at any given time I run around 500-700 on a usual day....constistently...

Have a great day, and remember,

It's up to you. Either you do it, or someone else will. Remember, "If you aren't first, you're last!" (famous quote by some famous guy from some famous movie)


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