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Monday, December 27, 2010

But What About Dalaran? Gold, That is.....

Ok. Who still goes there? This guy. In Dal, there are plenty of vendors to utilize, and here are two I am focusing on for AH sales, and they sell. Especially if you offer them in trade (just be prepared to answer "where do you get that?"). Alot of items like these people have no idea where they are from, and usually consider them a drop, or a holiday item.

The first vendor I hit is the toy vendor. Here, you can buy a stack or ten of each, and just leave them in your bank picking them up here and there when they sell in the AH, and try to keep 2 up at all times. Since these are mere silver to purchase, they aren't too much of a profit (I usually sell them for 20ish, but since Cata they are 100+g).

Clockwork Assistant

Zippy Copper Racer bought for: 30s
Trusty Copper Racer bought for: 30s
Grindgear Toy Gorilla bought for: 45s

The next vendor is right next door, and here you will invest a bit more gold, however the return is much higher (as you can see in the auctioneer details). Also take a look at how many have been in the AH (I reset my auctioneer files when cata hit, which I hope you did as well), very few, as [currently] I am the only seller. =)

Cameli Banaphash-

Violet Hat

Purple Turban

For the fans of "The Openings", here's a few recents:

And last but not least.....I have been caught.

I guess when I started writing this blog I didn't realize that people would read it, let alone find my toon. When I received the tell, I am not sure what was funnier: that someone actually read my blog or that someone laughed about me being the author. Out loud. Haha.

But I figured that since they were the first to find me they got my coveted 1K card. Who will find me next? Maybe I should change the blog title to Waldo's Gold"ish" advise...


Kammler said... Reply To This Comment

The toy vendor tip is very useful. You are right: Dalaran is a ghost town. I will invest in a trip and buy some today.

I had bought a few of the turbans and hats, but when barking them in trade got some trolls who announced how they were cheaper in Dal, a vendor item, etc. Hurt my sales. I will try again though.

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