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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another 4 Square Respawn Spot of Elementium Ore - ULDUM

Location: Uldum - 27.1, 38.6

Yeah, I know it's a late post, had a crazy non-wow day today. I noticed this spot a few days ago, as the title states it's another one of the noteworthy 4 square spawn spots (Check it out....if you haven't heard of Cold's Gold, hit up his blog, ALOT of great information there, he covered the first "4 square" spot). The good thing about this one, is that it is on the opposite side of the "normal" farming route in Uldum, and so far I have little to no competition. There is a 6 min (a bit shy of the average 8 minute spawn time for the usual nodes) spawn at this location (this is averaged off of 10 times, highest being 9 minutes (1), lowest being 3 minutes (2)).


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Update: When I logged on this morning, there were 5 nodes spawned..

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