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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gold In Cataclysm- Part II - AH- The 1%ers

Ok, ok. I know that most of you are selling anything and everything in your bags before Cata hits this next week. STOP NOW! Why you ask? If nothing for the main reason that 75% of regular players are going to be leveling to 85 on their main (hitting the AH for new gear/blues/epic drops *all CATA), then onto their alts to do the same. 15% will instantly reroll a goblin or a worg (buying gear for toon/mats for powerleveling- vanilla items), 9% are going to farm like mad, selling anything and everything on the AH for mass profit.

But Alto, that only adds up to 99%? What's up with the other 1%? Well, in my eyes, they will be AH camping. I will be one of the 1% (ok, I have multiple accounts, and one will be just chilling at the AH, while I am part of the other 9%).

Step I- Auctioneer and or Auctionator:
Either or will work, I personally use both, and click and unclick on the character screen before logging into the toon I am going to use. Auctioneer will be the main that I will use for purchasing items. Mainly due to the option to show three times the amount of auctions per page (smaller text), the percentage of "normal" sales (derived from your previous scans- this won't help much for the first few days though), and the tooltips when you mouse over items.

Step II- Inspecting Goods
This is a learning process. Since there will be an influx of new material coming into the AH, I reccommend you keep tabs on your server. If you are reading this, you probably have a good amount of information about your servers salepoints (if not, The Undermine Journal will have a ton of information on sales specific to your server, thanks to the author of Undermine!) As usual, any new mat will sell tremendously (at least until your server hits a threshold for prices). The main thing is that the prices of items will always be undercut, the prices will go from 50g to 1K gold within a matter of hours (name anything here...haha) and then back to 50g again. So know your AH, and money will flow to you.

Anything item/gear that is double vendor price or less (preferably less). These will mostly be greens. Any blues listed at 300-500g or below will be bought by me, and supply and demand will double any purchase I make. Any new epics? Yeah, I will easily pay 5K for (with weapons easily 10K). Now you might think this is crazy, but alot of people have saved up a ton (yeah, I am on that list) for this xpac, and will pay enormous prices for new gear (if not for anything else other than bragging rights...) And finially materials (eng, leather, herbs, ores, etc.) will be insane as well. I forsee the first stacks of ore and herbs easily hitting 100g (which will be my snatch point) and selling for double that consistantly.

As soon as you snatch up any new items, SELL! If this is what you are doing, and your goal is to get mega cash from it, name your price. Greens will be easily hitting 100g each, blues anywhere from 500g to 2K, and epics easily surpassing the 10-20K mark. Herbs and Ores (as in Step III) will be easily hitting 5-20g each. 100 to 500ish gold per stack. And before you think "alto is nuts, this wont happen", yeah, quote me, it will.

Step V- Mail
Ok, so you will need an addon such as Mailbox, Titan, Fubar, or basically any of them that can open and close mass mail at once. This will be your do or die, as every minute will count for us 1%ers (just made me think of the Outlaws *bikers, for the layman). Now alls you gots to do is enjoy it....for hours on end....and watch your gold hit the cap in no time!


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