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Monday, October 18, 2010

So, you like to stand out in a crowd?

Now this isn't exactly one of my "usual" farm spots (due to the fact that it drops from "rare" mobs, and as you know, they have a random spawn- in this case, 4- 8 hours from what I can tell), but it is however a place I used to have one of my toons staged for the Orb of Deception drop (I cannot take credit for this one, one of my past guildies that told me about Tyr's told me about farming the "rare spawns" in the DM arena.)

Those that know of the Orb know a few things:

1. It truely has no use other than a pure vanity item. Basically, you can change to a member of the opposing faction whilst using it. So if you wanna run around Org as a human (the procs change whether you are an undead, or tauren, or etc....) be my guest. The main thing with vanity items is that there are so many people out there with so much gold they have literally nothing to spend on, they are (and have been for a few years now) still snatching this little trinket up.

2. They drop off "rare" mobs: Musgog, Skar, and Gazza. In my experience, Skarr and lady Gazza (just seeing if you were paying attention...) spawn here at a higher rate than Musgog. Back in the day, when Musgog spawned, he also procced Black Lotus, so if you are an herbie, make sure you utilize "picking" these little guys up.

3. Just remember that the prices on these little trinkets have a HUGE descrepancy- one week, you can get around 1K for it, next week, you can get 5.5k (true story, 1k was off the auction house, and the 5.5K was from a spam with a nice little story "unlimited faction trades" "be the life- or death- of your party" off trade chat- this was halloween last year, they might have thought is was an event drop...). Let it be known that this trinket will nab you at least 1K, so don't sell for anything less.

The good thing about watching over the arena is that most of the time, you end up with two random blues per mob (note the "per mob", they spawn in two to three at a time here) that sell for anywhere from 100-300g each. So it is definitely worth your time, and if you can get the spawn times on your server down, 5 minutes worth of work (i.e. log into "staged" toon, drop down in arena, smoke em, loot em, and you are good) can net you an ez 1k even if the Orb doesnt drop.


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