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Friday, October 15, 2010

JMTC Carnival- What mistakes I have learned from playing the AH

First off, I would like to thank blogs like JMTC for giving me motivation for starting this one. So, with that said, lets roll.....

Mistake #1- Not using an addon: Auctioneer, Auctionator, etc are instrumental in assisting your selling/buying on the AH. If you are not familiar with addons, I will not go into detail, there are too many great posts out there on how to's. Worst case, there's always youtube.

Mistake #2- Not realizing your servers supply and demand: I am not exactly sure if this is a mistake or a miracle. At times, they go hand in hand. Watching patch notes, (haha, 42K from 4.0- so far. =) knowing your server, knowing the progression of guilds, knowing what mats it takes to "powerlevel" professions, I can go on and on for demand. Supply is basically the same goal, what worked before will usually work again, just like your zubaz pants or your zcav's (ok, maybe not too good of a reference).

Mistake #3- Buy low, sell high: This mistake has been a two sided coin that I always seem to fall for. With three four tab banks between my toons, I have ALOT of blues and epic items (weapons, gear, and recipies) that fluctuate on a daily basis. The problem I have is remembering what I paid for them, but overall hitting 100K+ on one toon has proven that I am doing something right.

Mistake #4- Not using an undercut addon: I have heard of people using these, seen them in action (5 minutes after my post, undercut. Put a few more of said item on, 5 min, undercut. Same guy...) Either this is just luck they are on, but after seeing this happen so much, I begin to wonder. Anyways, this is something I will NEVER do. So I guess, this really isn't a mistake, but a learning experience nonetheless.

And finially, here is the most noteworthy mistake I have learned thus far.....

Mistake #5- Not using the AH: For the first month playing WoW, I wasn't even aware there was an AH. Yeah, that seems like a noob mistake, and it was. Never talked to anyone through /tell, never played any MMORPG online, nothing. Was used to Nintendo, Playstation, Etc. where gameplay was solo. Ok, feel free to laugh right now, it's okay, it won't hurt my feelings.....

Since vanilla, there have been times when I have slowed gameplay, raided too much, helped guildies, in other words, been days, sometimes weeks, even months that I didn't use the AH one bit. WoW is like life. You have bills you have to pay, things you have to do. But you have all those baseball cards sitting in your attic/basement that are collecting dust (or in your bags, bank tabs). Take some time, if only a few minutes, get SOMETHING, ANYTHING on the AH (or ebay...haaha).

You know that feeling when you login, and see the little mailbox in the corner saying to you "you have mail", so you go to a mailbox, open it up, and hear the cash register sound? Yeah, I knew you did. Good feeling, huh? DONT FORGET THE AH!


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