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Monday, October 18, 2010

Headless Horseman Crashing?!

Well, I can say I have enjoyed the dungeon finder option that has been available for some time, Direbrew was nice, not having to look for a group....however queueing for the Horseman is now crashing on three different servers that I play on...I have tried each one.

This is ugly. Probably means there will be a hotfix, or will they just wait till tomorrow for server downtime? Hmmm.....there's gotta be a trick with this...I will keep you all posted.

So I was just able to log back in, and I had the "blue" bag, however there was nothing inside (it seems that the bag is only good for the mount drop, but this isn't 100% verified), but I did have 20 Tricky Treats and 24 justice points. It seems that all three servers are having this same issue.

Also, there are ZERO mobs in the instance...there is a full clear? I enjoyed doing a bit of solo after Direbrew, and a free "instance unlock" while doing so. Damn you blizz.

Update: 17:12p 18Oct
From my experience so far, tanks and dps click on the pumpkin, POOF! WoW turns into an unresponsive program, and you D/C.
I tried this on my priest, and she had ZERO issues clicking the pumpkin. I figured this might be just luck, so I requeued again, and she did it just fine. No D/C. Is this just luck? Nope. Because if it was, then the mount would have been in one of my bags. No luck. Try tomorrow....


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