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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Farming Winterspring Recipies/Formulas for Profits

Here we go again, I am telling you about more of my "old school" farming habits. Yes, we are back on the Enchanting Formula.....this time Icy Chill. Yeah, this is one that used to be 10g (and if you got that back then, you were waaaay happy) but due to the economy, I am selling these for 300-450g depending, and there hasn't been any competition lately (for a month or so, I haven't seen anyone post but myself).

Remember that little known area of Winterspring? Yes you do, it's another area that has the cross faction auction house, good rep grinding, and winterspring has a few really nice areas for farming, even in today's world....ok, ok, I will get started:

1. When you come into town (everlook), make a sweep of the area. There are a few "white" recipies that you can pick up from the vendors inside (that you can sell for profits, albiet small, a couple gold apiece, but they add up) as well as some "rare" items (you know what I mean, that the vendor only has 1 of- masterwork target dummy, ice reflector, fused wiring, arcanite converter, etc.), so hit these up before you leave town, as you don't need much bag space for your farming that is coming up....

2. Head a bit southwest (to the frozen pond-called Lake Kel'Theril) and start farming on the Anguished Highbornes. These are the ghostly witches in and around the lake (don't forget to go up the mountains a bit on the west side of the mountains, and the island in the center). Thott lists these as a low drop rate (my average droprate is two cycles of the lake), but once again, like the crusader chant, you are getting hella runecloth, as well as a lucky world drop here and there (if you farm this area like I do, it's on my weekly hour farm list, you will see quite a bit of blues/purps after time).

3. Hit the AH after you get the formula, and cash in! (I keep an eye on both alliance and horde prices- part of my weekly farm check, so I am familiar which toon to farm/sell on-which will be an upcoming post on how I decide which toon to farm on).

4. Smile.


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