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Friday, October 15, 2010

Crusader Enchant Farming

So, I have been farming the crusader formula for years now, and it is always a great money machine when I am feeling broke. I am sure that you all remember the Scarlet Apprentices' up in the tower in plaguelands (if you dont, you must be "new" to the game, read on young grasshopper). Yeah, I too spent many a day (and /played) over there, and got a handful of the formula back in the day (and if you did too, congrats, for a .01% droprate, alot just gave up and paid the OUTRAGEOUS sum of 100g (you all know that the economy was MUCH different back then too) for this rare enchant.

Well, once TBC came out, and the 70 cap was there, I had a guildie show me about Tyr's Hand. 60 elites, and the mages down there were a whopping 1% droprate for the crusader chant (note I said the mages, not the others). Well, thats what this blog is talking about today. Yeah, waiting for instant Q's, BG's, or just want to make a quick buck (I can usually average 1-3 in an hour, 1K gold each on my server- although it may take a few days to sell) this is a great spot to pull it off, 5 minute clear of the area, 3 minute wait for respawns. =)

Once I get into Tyr's, (as horde, take the flightpath to light's hope chapel) go up the hill to the main castle. Once there, head inside, and just kill, kill, kill. A good thing about these elites, is they are on a 8 min timer (see, i have been here a few times...) so you have a few minutes after doing the route in the castle, and hit either side. Even though they are not all the Scarlet Archmages, they are random spawns, so clear coat everyone you see due to this. The good thing about this area (and these mobs) is that they also drop quite a few blues, epics, and plenty of greenies as well as runecloth (on almost every drop, 1-3 per mob).

Ok, so if you are reading this, then you wanna make some goldies for your toons. Take a run out to vanilla and make a few shakes. The good thing about vanilla farming is that not too many take the time to do it anymore (unless they are leveling a toon), so here is your supply versus demand.

Till next post, keep smiling and enjoy!


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