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Friday, April 22, 2011

In the Beginning, there was a Blog.....

I want to say thanks to all my readers, as I never figured my blog would be where it is today (just hit 200K views), and it wouldn't have made it without ya'll! To give you an idea, the first whole month, I had around 150 hesitant folks reading my stuff. So I am looking back on a few posts that you might not have seen:

Crusader Enchant Farming- This was my first post. It was a favorite spot to farm for me, but alas, it's outdated. No Crusader drop there anymore. Favorite quote from the post? " Take a run out to vanilla and make a few shakes"

Glyph Sales Slowing, Ink Sales Skyrocketing- This was classic Alto in his goldmaking prime. Favorite Quote from this post? Notta. But some rough AH tactics here....

"With Glyphs selling in the almost before patch range (some as low as 3g, others are still near the 100g height) I am getting 12.5g for each stack of 4 (so 50g per stack.....and why in stacks of four you ask? supply and demand prospers here). Yes, you only need three for a glyph, but this also helps twofold- one, i have sold some of my ink in the AH, and had that same person come to me with 4 inks (yup, bought em from me) tipped me 20g plus gave me the extra ink for making a glyph so one is freebie tips for scribes, and for two, I can basically get a free sale on an ink that might have otherwise unsold (simple economics here...)"

Skinner's Paradise- Still viable farming spots for to write. Favorite Quote? "Can't beat it. Even with a stick. Ok, you can, but it will hurt it's feelings."

Cata Content in 4.0.3- This was a post that I did after a little hiatus from the game, and I was getting Cata drops (loot) before it even hit. This is probably my only exploit I have ever wrote about. Favorite Quote? "I would love to tell you not to do this, as the famed Blizz Ban-Hammer is always willing to hit, but I am sure you won't listen"

The New WoW Crack- My hit on MFC's- And me opening trying to get my readers a screenie of the 5K card. Yeah, didn't happen. Still pop a few here and there. Bad Alto!

Cataclysm and the Trade Channel $$$- The sickening price of obsidium ore the first weekend of Cata release...Favorite Quote? "I shift click the Ore to see what it's selling for in the AH. 265g average. Ok. Lowballer" And I made gold off this? =)

Tol'Barad- It will "Lure" you in- You might not remember the blog, but you know their writer....hint, hint, JMTC (mageshadows old blog) "There is a loop that you utilize for picking these herbs (first seen at The Gnomish Coin)"

This was fun going back and reading my old posts. If you all have time, don't hesitate to go back and read a few of them, they are good for something...if not just a laugh (and to see what happened...obsidium 265g a stack? Jeebus!). If you are a fellow blogger, I highly advise you to jump back to the beginning and see where you started. It's a great motivator!


XanderEragon said... Reply To This Comment

Gratz bro cam a long way hope to be there soon lol :D

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Big congratz on the milestone Alto. The way you write and your thought process always keep me checking back for updates. This is like making gold the first couple 100k are slower and then it speeds up. Good luck on your way to 500k!

Torgal said... Reply To This Comment

Congratz Alto!
Keep them posts comming! To the next 200k!
Hopefully not too many guys on my server read your blog ;-)
I just hit the 250k Gold and I want to give you some credit for that.

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