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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Glyph sales slowing, ink sales skyrocketing, and a sarcastic thanks to blizz and 4.0 for stealing my farmers away

Since patch 4.0.1 was installed almost a week ago now, alot of us made an absolute killing on the AH. 20k, 30k, 40k, currently, I am sitting at 42k made off of glyphs, and on my server I am starting to see alot of them going for under 10g apiece now. And its the weekend. Earlier in the week, I figured to take in at least another 20-30k over the weekend, but the sales are slow, and undercutting (which is happening by the minute) is insane. So I look (as always) for another way to win.....

Supply and Demand has taken over. With little to no herbs on the AH (only three pages, it seems as soon as they get on, they are sold) I am farming herbs on one of my toons instead of going to my mailbox to get from my farmer "friends" (more on this later).

In my experience, it seems that Adder's Tongue has the best (highest) return on Azure Pigment (for Ink of the Sea of course), and my favorite spot for farming them is in Sholozar Basin. Before you think, wow, he is really generic in this picture, I am not. I hit the whole area. I like to hit near the water (creeks, lakes, ponds) due to the double duty of getting not only Tiger Lily's, but for the spawn to also proc Deadnettle (Deadnettle seems to "attach" itself to Tiger as much as Frost Lotus is to Icethorn).

With Glyphs selling in the almost before patch range (some as low as 3g, others are still near the 100g height) I am getting 12.5g for each stack of 4 (so 50g per stack.....and why in stacks of four you ask? supply and demand prospers here). Yes, you only need three for a glyph, but this also helps twofold- one, i have sold some of my ink in the AH, and had that same person come to me with 4 inks (yup, bought em from me) tipped me 20g plus gave me the extra ink for making a glyph so one is freebie tips for scribes, and for two, I can basically get a free sale on an ink that might have otherwise unsold (simple economics here...)

Due to the prices of herbs, I have, with sadness and despair, lost my three herb farmers since the patch (I was getting 36-48 stacks per day from my main farmer for 7g/stack each pre-patch) I am now seeing what used to be my herbs being sold on the AH for 50-120g per stack (from guess who? yeah, you are right. Mr. Farmer), so I doubt I will get to see their beautiful herbs again....*cry*)


Michael said... Reply To This Comment

If you are farming your own herbs, you want to use an awesome addon called Routes (

This addon generates the most efficient route based on your settings, and draws a line on your map (and minimap!) of that route. The route is calculated on your preferences... so for example, you can exclude Goldclover if you choose. You can take the defaults for cluster range for identifying the waypoint, or set your own, or you can have it exclude if, for example, there's one node off in the middle of nowhere which isn't worth going out of your way for. Very slick addon.

Also, the tauren racial Cultivation ( is phenomenal for Herbalists. Basically it allows you to harvest even if you're being attacked because the action occurs fast enough to get it in between hits from the mob. This gives druids an even greater advantage here. Not only that, but now for 5k you can have 310% mount speed which also applies to flight form. It's awesome baby!

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Nice, I appreciate the comment Michael! Is the addon fixed for 4.0.1?

Michael said... Reply To This Comment

I have not tried it myself yet (been too busy getting rich on glyphs!), but the page at Curse indicates it's been updated for 4.0.1.

Also, I should clarify about Cultivation... this is a new change in 4.0.1 which decreases herb gathering time from the default of 2.0 seconds down to 0.5 seconds. I don't think most people are aware of that change -- like a lot of other changes, it was not in the patch notes!

I like your blog. Keep up the good work! (And thank Marcko for the plug, that's how I found you.)

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