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Monday, November 29, 2010

UPDATE- HOTFIXED- Cata content in 4.0.3 - Pristine Hides

To start off, I am back from a long hiatus from WoW. I had alot of "real life" stuff going on, so my WoW took a back seat for a bit. Now that I am back, the Shattering has occurred, and just like back when WoLTK hit, I decided to log on some little used toons to level up a bit....and I ended up here:

So without too much delay, let me get to the point of this blog. Swimming with the sharks, killing the crabs (the meat sells great for leveling cooking, btw). A few Light leather, a few Medium leather, then I bagged several Savage (cata base leather) was then I got extremely interested.....Out of the blue (no pun intended....), I get a Pristine Hide....Cataclysms' "Arctic Fur". The thing that gets me is that this dropped off a level 22 shark. Hmmm. Can you say glitchy? (Yeah, SS or it didn't happen, so here you go):

I was worried about even posting this here, as this is not my usual type of money post, but decided I would. I would love to tell you not to do this, as the famed Blizz Ban-Hammer is always willing to hit, but I am sure you won't listen....

But for my safety, I deleted all the cata leather that I had (yes, even the hide), just in case....for a while though, it was fun just knowing that I was doing something behind their back, even if it wasn't on my rogue....


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