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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tol Barad- It'll "Lure" you in...

Ok, Ok. That was a bad pun. A really bad pun. Anyways, to get on with the post. There have been quite a few blogs written on Tol Barad, the one that I am focusing on is a well known farming spot for Azshara's Veil . There is a loop that you utilize for picking these herbs (first seen at The Gnomish Coin) However, this location is overfarmed on my current server (for the herbs). So what to do? Pick up the "lucky" fishin' pole and get to work between nodes!

There are alot of different "pools" that appear in Tol' Barad that I have seen, multiples of either the Fathom Eel Swarm or the Shipwreck Debris.

The Fathom Eels are currently selling for 10ish each, proccing 4 to 5 per "pool", with random Volatile Water (1-3) catches. Per pool I am averaging 60-100ish gold.

Now onto the Shipwreck Debris. On these, you can have anywhere from 2-3 pulls of the Sealed Crate. I have added a few screenies of the drops inside. Each "crate" will have a few gold, and varied loot. My average has been around 40-55ish gold per crate looted.

Remember, there are a ton of places for fishing in Cata, while you are farming your ore, herbs, or just plain ol' questing, click on your find fish on your minimap, and get yourself some extra coin, plus it's a great way to level fishing without really noticing it. =)


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