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Friday, October 15, 2010

Skinners Paradise....

Ok, here's we go all. Got a hotspot for [almost] continuous farming (when you do a cycle of the area, respawns are already there) for borean leather (scraps on the "pups") and arctic fur, and for a TON of Chilled Meat and Rhino Meat. Why this spot you ask? Because there is NOONE ever there. No issues, ever. Got a few more spots, don't sweat it if you are asking "wtf? why waste time farming scraps?"

Here's another of my favorite spots, you might recognize this area from your quest here. Thats what makes this one a plus/ might have someone running through questing, please allow them to kill off the Reef Cows, or offer your help to them to finish their quest, that helps twofold, makes you feel good for helping, and it gets them out of the area quicker for you to continue your farm. Basicially, there are a few on each sidde of the island. Quick kills, good respawn rate (due to the cows are part of a quest) and great drop percentage.

And here is the top dog of all, my favorite spot. Not only after you do a full circuit of the area, they (the raptors) have already respawned, there is also the pet drop in the area. 500g freebie while you are farming? Can't beat it. Even with a stick. Ok, you can, but it will hurt it's feelings.

Yeah, there are some nice caves throughout Northrend for farming, there are alot of mammoths in many areas, but these are tried and true areas that I have had great luck with. You might find a few spots (especially near the Time Lost Proto Drake, but that's for another blog....)


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