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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Utilizing Vendor (via Auctioneer addon) For Gold: A How To Guide

To start off, I just want to remind you to look to the left of this post, and click "follow" to be added to my blog. If you are new to the site, please take some time to run through some of my older posts. Feel free to comment and I will do my best to answer or reply as soon as I can. Enough of, onto what you came here for:

Addons. Some people use them, some people don't. If you are one of the latter, you are missing out. On ease of use, on time saved, on goldmaking. What I am going to cover is utilizing the Vendor option in the  Auctioneer addon. Do you use it? Yesterday, I posted another ritual of patch/hotfix Tuesdays where I listed things that I do before/after server downtime. I mentioned there were things that I do that are habit. Well, here is one of them. It's basically a scan done by the addon that shows what you can buyout/bid in the AH that you can turn around instantly and sell to a vendor for profit. Now why people don't just vendor in the first place is beyond me, but I am sure that I have done that before as well. You go to your bank, fill up your bags, en route to the AH. You list everything, and at times, I guess you get sidetracked and don't look at all the prices of every item you sell. pfft. That is where Vendor comes in. Here's a screenie to help explain:

Upon hitting the AH, this is the screen that you are used to (I use both Auctioneer and Auctionator addons for my AH sales/purchases, each have their own greatness involved: I have a post a while back with some info on both, Alto's AH Ritual).
Start off with a fresh Scan, you can use the Browse tab located in the lower left side of the screen. When clicked, it will give you an estimated time for scan. Now go do something for 10ish minutes (like read through my blog or something). Upon return, Go to the Search tab (now we are on the screenie). On the left side of the screen, go to Searchers, now look for Vendor (highlighted yellow). On the top of the screen, you can see the words "Vendor Search Criteria". Underneath that, a shade to the left, there is a spot where you can type in your "Minimum Profit". You can then type in whatever you would like, but I leave mine default, 1c.  Back to the lower left of the screen, hit search. You will see a loading screen, then the items scanned will pop up (see? easy.)

The top few are ones that you will see quite a bit. I didn't get a screenshot until I was already purchasing a few (didn't plan on blogging about this at the time, so I wasn't thinking), then I decided it would make a great post, and that I had missed covering this yesterday. Anyways, you can see that this time, there are a few 4g profits, and a few 1g profits to be had. Just going off these, you can get a free 11ish gold (if you want to get technical, you can really buyout everything on this list, then vendor. I normally only go for the 1g and up, but you get the point). Now this happens quite often, so anytime you hit the AH (remember you need a fresh scan- otherwise it will grab old items), make sure to utilize this. Now all you have to do is highlight the item with your cursor, go to the lower right, click buy (another window will pop up to confirm sale), hit your mailbox, and off to the vendor (or just click your Travelers' Tundra Mammoth...). EZ Gold.

There isn't huge profits in this, but after time, this function can add a surprising amount of gold to your pockets.

Now there are alot of other functions that you can use (look above the vendor on the left side of the screen again), Arbitrage (for neutral AH), D/E, Milling, Prospecting, Resale, and Snatch can be utilized for great profits as well. Just remember too that I warned you about this.....

There are people that list some items for 10000g when the normal sell price is 10g. That WILL mess up the readings on Resale. It will show huge profits when in all reality, they are scamming the system (whether they know it or not). So watch what you click on when you buy. Take that warning seriously, as when I first started utilizing this option, I was hit for a nice chunk of gold. Out of sheer stupidity on my part. Lesson learned....Use my experience with this and please look before completing the sale.

            Oh, and for the fans of "The Openings", the auctions keep rolling in, here are a few recents:


Nigel said... Reply To This Comment

Vendor, a sometimes forgotten area for new AH users but not for some. Still nice to see something reminded every now and then. I set my profit level to 5s (and in your case I would prob set it for 1g but it doesn't really matter). Now, I also allow for bid as well because let's face it, if you win, it's profit and losing just returns your money (yes it'll be tied up for a couple of days and if you're real low on funds, then do just the buy). One thing to note is the easy way of buying it all. Don't need to highlight anything but depress ctrl-shift-alt and hit purchase all. Rifles through it all rather easily and you only need to confirm so there should be no fear's below vendor!

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks Nigel, I wasn't aware of the Ctrl-Shift-Alt! All this time I have been clicking every single one! /bow!

Laird Streak said... Reply To This Comment

Nab WoW player and auction house dabler just love your writing style and the informative content you provide to the comunity great stuff.

Shamaenei said... Reply To This Comment

A 10 minute wait? Not if you're using the quick getall :) press the >> putton on the left top of the screen. That'll save you 8 minutes or so depending on your connection.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ Reaper SA,
Thanks! I do my best to provide the best information that I can for my readers.

@ Shamaenei,
I wasn't aware of that option, I will definitely be using that from now on. Thanks alot, thats a great time saver.

Ven said... Reply To This Comment

Thats the 1 thing i do, wend i log in .And since i came back to WOW 2 days ago,thats was my starting point in getting Gold incoming.Even if its still 1s profit its well worth it.

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