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Monday, January 10, 2011

What Do Tuesdays Mean to You? Are You Prepared?

So what do you do to get prepared for Tuesday Patch/Hotfix day? The list below is in no particular order, but do not hesitate to see the importance of each of them as if they were all 1st on the list (however I must admit, that #1 is the most important in Alto's eyes).

Do you:

1. Read Alto's Hotfix/Patch Notes? (self plug there..)

I do my best to read through Blizzards posted notes for you and notate what are the major changes (and how they affect you!). But do not forget to check to read through all of them, as I only mention gold related changes (I always post a quick-link at the bottom of my hotfix blogposts)

2. Get your enchants ready (or prepost) for the new gear that will be worn by the afforementioned guildies?

  -Make sure you post multiples once again- for all available slots

3. Plan to hit farming spots to see if the changes have affected the areas?

  -Many times, after Tuesday patches, Blizz will "adjust" many areas droprates

4. Plan to hit Node locations that you normally spend time at?

  - The same as above, Blizz enjoyes adding/changing times, nodes, drops within the nodes, etc.

5.Get all your available gems cut for raid night? (most "power" guilds raid Tuesday and Thursday nights)

  -Make sure that you post a few of each- DPS, Tank, Ranged, Healing

5. Check your AH right before and as soon as you can after?

  - When you check before patch (server downtime), the auctions are still on realtime, i.e if an auction is ending during the patch, you will instant win (in other words, click the tab under "ending" so the 30 minute end "bids" show up first, and bid, bid, bid. Who knows, you might get lucky? =)
  - I also check first thing when I log in to see if there are any in the same situation, as the majority of folks know Tuesdays the servers aren't up till around noon, if not early afternoon. Take advantage of this.

6. Check your gear?

  - You are probably asking "why"? I have gotten in the habit of doing this for a few reasons. Remember when "The Shattering" hit? There were alot of green items that "turned" into blues. I had a post not too long ago when an item had a horrible dps rate, and if you had that equipped, you were in for a shock... It only takes a few seconds, just keep your eyes open.

7. Post your Glyphs?

- Do not forget about your Dust of Disappearance as well, as there are quite a few sales of dusts and glyphs throughout the week for the toons that are respeccing.

These are just a few of the things I utilize weekly, they are habit for me. I am sure there are others, and I will update this post if I think of others.

Are there any things that you do religiously on Tuedays in Wow? We would like to know! Don't hesitate to comment!

EDIT- There was a great point in comments by one of our daily readers, Brouck, " I list raid goodies (flasks, buff food) early".

For me, this has been forgotten since Cata started. I know what I am working on tonight.....getting my cooking maxed (as I haven't touched it since Wrath). Thanks Brouck!


Stede said... Reply To This Comment

I don't do anything different except read your blog and apply it =| I guess you do a pretty good job at it, if I only have to worry about #1!!

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for the love Stede. I try to help as much as I can!

Brouck said... Reply To This Comment

I read your blog everyday so that's not a question. My Tuesday routine is check AH before and after, list raid goodies (flasks, buff food) early, and then post-raid goodies (gems, chants) before I hit the hay.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Great point Brouck! I am not into that market (food and flasks) but that is a great point! (back in wrath the food was a big seller for me..)Now I better get back in that game! Thanks for the reminder!

Smudger said... Reply To This Comment

All good tips + being EU we get to see the test run *cough* I mean US patch first :D

Thanks bud

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ Smudger,
Thanks! I will continue to keep you and my other EU readers updated asap!

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