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Friday, February 3, 2012

Inscription and Books of Glyph Mastery Changes Incoming.....Again

Running around and hitting my It's Not What You Know, It's Who You Know post, I was searching and reading up on Pandaria when something popped ...Crithto made my speculation sonar go off....(yes, I even received the static fuzz through my tinfoil hat). Not that I haven't speculated off blizz posts in the past that hinted at anything this time. Or this time. Or this time.

Anytime a "blue" comments on previous "inside" information as well as future "changes" I start using a lot of quotation marks....huh-what? Read on a minute and you will see what I mean....

What this post told me:

Mists of Pandaria was a twinkle in the eye of Blizzard back in  May 2010 (not really relevant, but interesting nonetheless)

During the Pandaria discussion, there was chatter about removing Glyphs all together (the blue post says this, not I).

It was then they decided to killing off Prime glyphs, Major glyphs being manipulated so the added "procs" if you will didn't affect talents (hmmm.)

Minor glyphs were also morphed into something more interesting (see, I don't use "quotes" on everything!).

They (blizzard) are once again discussing Inscription changes for glyphs (and the who's and how's discovery of them)...


There has been quite a bit of honest and reasonable feedback. I appreciate all of you for sharing and for being patient while I worked to follow-up with the developers for more information.

Back in May of 2010, we began tossing around ideas about how to improve Inscription. But at that time, Mists of Pandaria was still in the early stages of character talent development. As that was hashed out, it directly affected how we were then able to approach potential Inscription and glyph changes. As a matter of fact, at one point during the discussions, glyphs were going to be removed altogether. That then evolved into the idea of Prime glyphs being removed, Major glyphs being adjusted such that their added bonuses did not affect talents, and Minor glyphs being revamped so they felt more interesting.

Have no fear, I have been assured that Inscription and glyph discovery are being actively discussed in preparation for upcoming changes with Mists of Pandaria. This comes with one albeit relieving caveat: Glyphs that are now learned solely through the Book of Glyph Mastery are planned to be available through the Northrend and Minor research dailies.

Is this just another total speculation? If they get rid of glyphs (doubtful), what would Inscription be without them?

I could see Inscription possibly being able to craft recipes for the other professions (marrying with dropped BoE or BoP), maybe something that adds stats to weapons/etc (similar to Enchanting), the ability to "buff" talents on the tree (similar to what glyphs currently can do), or maybe create maps of some sort for treasure finding (similar to Archaeology or stand alone Treasure Chests).

Or, it could just be another Blue post that gets me all riled up. That is probably it. Or is it?


Faid said... Reply To This Comment

I don't anticipate glyphs being removed. I think the Blue just threw that out there as an exaggerated example to say "SEE?! WE TALK ABOUT IT." If it was discussed I'm sure it was scrapped quickly.

If they did do something so stupid then there wouldn't be much left for Inscription unless they introduce some new sort of glyph-like mechanic. Having Scribes make recipes for other professions would be an absolute nightmare in balancing and on the economy. Just look at this situation: A barrier to entry into the glyph game is exactly why people are upset. Now think of if Scribes could hold the valuable recipes for all the other professions and suddenly Blacksmiths can't make new weapons unless they pay a scribe 5k for the pattern.

Regardless, I think speculation on "what would happen if glyphs were removed" is pretty pointless. In the blue post I just see a GM grasping at straws to try to prove their listening. I expect they'll take the easy route and make a Panda Research that can teach you new monk glyphs as well as any book research. Or make scribes able to make the books themselves. That'd be cool. A trainer recipe to make the books. Takes tons of ink and parchment but then a scribe wouldn't be reliant on drops.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah, I feel you on each one. They can't kill them off, there is too much they would need to add and Blizz isn't a fan of reworking too much. The hate spam would be crazy as so many folks rock a scribe.

It will be interesting to see what they decide. But I am sure that a blue will change their stand here in a few months anyways..


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I hope they do kill off inscription entirely and let them pick enchanting or jewelcrafting at whatever level they had in inscription. Inscription was a pointless addition to the game and I wouldn't miss it at all.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


When I read that comment, I instantly thought "this guy doesn't have a scribe". Inscription has been (and still is) a great moneymaker. I still pull in a few g's a day from just that (as long as I post/logon).

I don't think they will ever destroy it, I am sure they will work on a whole new aspect. Imagine the hate that the forums would get if they do....


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I agree that it is a nice moneymaker, but it didn't add much to the game. For all practical purposes, glyphs are functionally the same as nine talent points that are bought in the AH. Honestly, the same can be said for jewelcrafting vs. enchanting. Functionally, they are both simply ways to customize gear.

J.E. Douglas said... Reply To This Comment

I would rather them revamp the entire system instead of just destroying it outright. Perhaps set it up so that there are three different lines of glyphs, One that is enhancement, one vanity and one "other" line. Giving more diversity in the system.

Also with lack of diversity they still set up the cookie cutter system of glyphs. you have 1 or maybe 2 setups that are optimum, the rest just get laughed at or nuked. or completely ignored.

Also I would have liked to see it where the Darkmoon cards were able to be "upgraded" similar to what happened with the PVP items. make it a quest or something that made the cards to be just a little bit less than the trinkets that were dropping. But still giving them viability. How long did it take before stones deck dead in the water. Even hurricane lost any luster after 4.2 because trinkets were easier to get running raids and instances.

Scugger said... Reply To This Comment

I dont have much sympathy for the monopolistic undercutting glyph sellers who made bank selling Darkmoon cards before 4.3 dropped and who routinely charge 500g for glyphs costing as little as 1g to make. Many a scribe has hit the gold cap via their profession something you cannot say is true for BS or LW or Alchemy.
Anything Blizzard does to level the profession playing field even at the expense of scribes is fine with me.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and here is mine after reading your comment:

1)1g to make? Take me to your leader. If I could craft a glyph for 1g with consistency, I would be making hella more profit than I do. Currently, I am around 6g per Blackfallow, or in layman's terms Glyphs are around 18g to craft (3 per).

2) The reason many folks have made gold (not necessarily capped, but still a profit) is due to basically every toon on every server needing multiple glyphs. With BS/LW, you have a much more limited amount of buyers, as your crafts aren't as needed by everyone. Glyphs are. See where I am going here?

3) Alchemy is highly profitable. Not as much as glyphs, but there are still huge profits. Anytime you can craft a "consumable" it's just that. Consumable. As in you use it once and it's gone. You need to buy more. However, most of the folks that rely on Alchemists already have one at their disposal (either another toon they own, a guildie that crafts them, etc).

To "max" a scribe, it's not just about hitting 525. That's easy. The hard part? You need to do dailies. You need "drops". It takes time. You can't just go to the AH and assume you can powerlevel that profession in a few hours like your examples of LW and BS. You have two dailies that you literally have to do every single day to get every glyph available. Time is money, friend....

You obviously haven't tried leveling a scribe. I am also guessing you have never farmed a mob over and over and over to get a rare BS recipe that only drops off of them. If in the rare case you have, then I am sure you charged just mat prices when you crafted them, no profit.

AH'ers look at things different than that of "average" players, we look at gold profits like some look at techniques to kill "x" raid boss.

Although many people blast the WoW economy stating it's not RL money, who cares? Us "monopolistic" folks normally relate it to RL, as the same tactics work. When something is rare, it's worth more. When someone has something that no one else can make, they offer it as a higher price.

You call it a monopoly, I call it simple WoW economics.


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