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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blizzard (Diablo III) To Be Playable on PS3 and XBox360?

Alright. It seems that quite a few comments from my last post (Did Blizzard get Hit by Their Own Banstick?) told me that folks are extremely gung ho about Blizzard not getting hacked. Maybe so, maybe no. Did it happen or did it not? All I do know for sure is they are still having issues as of today...@BlizzardCS just tweeted about problems with the "name change". Still bugs...Blizzard seems that they just keep "hacking" away at them. Pun Intended...

Anyways, here's another conspiracy theory, let the flames begin:

Gamasutra. Kinda like a Monster or CareerBuilder for the gaming industry. Well Blizz recently posted a position for a "Senior Software Engineer Console Network". Hear that? CONSOLE NETWORK.

Now this is cut and paste from the site:

Blizzard Entertainment is seeking an enthusiastic software engineer to be a key contributor on the Diablo team. This position is responsible for ensuring the best implementation of sophisticated networking systems on consoles.


Design, implement, and maintain networking related game systems for the console game.
Identify previously unknown issues and offer solutions.


A minimum of 3 years game coding experience
A minimum of 1 shipped multi-platform AAA title (Xbox 360 and PS3) as a network engineer
Familiar with implementing client / server architecture
In-depth knowledge of PSN and Xbox Live
Networking experience in TCP and UDP protocols
Fluent in C / C++
Able to work in a collaborative team environment
Passion for playing console games

Did you see what I saw? "a key contributor on the Diablo team" or under requirements "A minimum of 1 shipped multi-platform AAA title (Xbox 360 and PS3) as a network engineer"?

Interesting, huh? Check it out yourself: Gamasutra- Senior Software Engineer Console Network.

*Now I am not always right, I am not always wrong on my posts. I don't have a crystal ball (although my Mists of Pandaria post might make you believe I do). What I do try to accomplish is give you the most accurate information out there, and give my theory on what its all about. This is one of these posts.

(No, I am not drunk Daraxxus)

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Cold said... Reply To This Comment

Funny thing was the day you posted that original article about the Wow hack possibility, when I got home from work and logged in, My Kaspersky exploded with all kinds of warnings about an attack that it has thwarted that day.

Never seen it before or since. Coincedence?

Kaspersky is the best.

Simca said... Reply To This Comment

Cold: Coincidence.

@Article: This one is likely true. I don't think that a console version would launch at the same time as the PC version (PC version is near done while console version would need a lot of porting/networking as the listing implies).

They've had some console positions for other games open in the past but no console versions launched so it isn't 100% but hopefully they get a good candidate for the job and he/she is able to help them launch D3 for consoles.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Breaking news... that was announced two years ago at Blizzcon.

It's been known for a looooooooooong time they are developing a console version of Diablo III.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


It musta been a good dream, as it has never been mentioned by blizzard, only that they were working on a new Diablo platform.

Not sure where you got your information, but I have heard nothing about it until seeing this job hunt...

If they did, please provide the link for credit.


Blackdemon said... Reply To This Comment

At Blizzcon (Diablo Q&A), someone asked about a console version of Diablo. The devs said it was something they would like to do and mentioned they had job listings for a console developer. That was all that was mentioned at the time.

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