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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Don't Mind Me, Just Passing Through...Pandaria?!?

It's been a while, hasn't it? Still barely have time to breathe in Alto's Alt (Non-WoW) life, so don't expect too much coming from me for some time, but alas, winter is nearing, so contracts are slowing.....In other words, I will be back.

I would love to fill your mind and your bank with the usual Gold'ish Advice, but not logging in for nearly three months now kinda puts a damper on that. I will however hit up off an email that I got a while back that jagged my interest..and about two months later I am finally posting about it. Let's see if this "writing" skill still works:

Blizzard planning their next WoW Xpac already? With all the disgust from the diehard players, the folks at Blizz really needs something good this time. Cata was great, cool, decent, was and is shit compared to any previous xpac (let the flaming begin there), and with a name like "Pandaria" should we expect a blue cat looking mob or boss? Or a lion in a snowstorm? (bad movie'ish references there, but you get my point).

Anyways, here's the pic of the Trademark straight from Californ-i-a. I am sure to be once again disappointed.....

On the good side, I just got word on a beta invite for Diablo III, least there's something to look forward to coming out of Blizzard other than shitty content and fuggin pets reworked for charities for other countries....I am surprised that Blizz hasn't shipped all the US work to China. Wait, they prisons....

I am just gonna stop here. I am starting to rant a bit. Talk to ya'll soon. That's a fair warning, as I will be back. Whether you want me or not, I am coming soon to a screen near you. Yeah, that's a warning....Alto's hopping back into this whole "ring". See ya'll sooner than later!


Faid said... Reply To This Comment

I'm pretty sure Pandaria won't be a WoW expansion. Remember Blizzard, and even the Warcraft franchise, is more than just the video game. I'm putting my money on this being the name for an upcoming expansion for the Trading Card Game.

Nice to see an Alto post again. :D Missed your posts a lot. :)

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