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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why aren't you making gold?

Think of your AH like a "one size fits all" shirt. Yeah, the 50lb weakling might be swimming in it, the 600lb cat has no reason to even try it on, but for most folks, although it might not fit perfectly, we can still wear it. Some look like a million bucks in it, others, well....not so much. Where do you "fit" in to the AH?

Don't like that reference? Ok. Let's try another...

Are you frustrated because a market that you used to think of like a waterfall slowed down to a trickle? You need to broaden your mind, and look not only outside the box, but around the box....on top of the box.....under the box.....and IN the box. Feel me? Now back to the title of this post and the question I ask:

Why am I not making gold? Well, here's a few things to think about...

  • Am I using all of my professions? And not just using them, but utilizing them? By example, if I log into my leatherworker, am I only making Heavy Savage Legs? Or am I only making Scorched cuz it's blue? Am I only focusing on "Cata level" items, or do I branch into Wrath with Earthen, Frosthide and Icescale?
  • Ask yourself am I posting correctly? Am I short stacking what I should be selling in full stacks? Am I selling full stacks when I should be selling in partial stacks? 
  • Don't even get me started on picking up vendor recipes. Or vendor pets. Or vendor D/E's (yeah, they are out there....Ratchet, Booty Bay, Gadgetan). These are all gold makers at times (note I said at times). 
I guess where I am going with this is....well.....trying to open your mind to things you might have forgot, or things you didn't think about. Or maybe they remind you of something that you used to do but haven't in a while. Sometimes you need to focus on the little things and work from there. 

With that, there has been some great posts that focus on this type of thought process that I want you all to go check out. Links incoming:

*Edit- I just read another great post over at Gimps Gold- If you "flip" AH goods, you better go check this out- Understanding why people buy!

Foo over at Foo's Musings reminded me about a little used Engineering "daily" of sorts that you should be doing religiously (go check it out- Kaye Toogie). 

Breevok over at Caffine, Smokes, and AH fees hit on a time honored tradition of using Enchanting to D/E goods, or as he mentioned, the Earthworm of sorts. Yeah, go read that one too....

Wes of Capped By Cata hit on using Secondary Professions for making gold (you bet, this is a great read, of course, go over and read it if you haven't).

Markco, even though he hasn't logged in since the beginning of Cata, has done a few posts recently and this is a must read as well, The Dog Pile, hits on using different methods when selling. 

Faid over at Nerf Faids recently hit on Blacksmithing, and upon watching the video, I learned something that I didn't even know existed! What you ask? Go to the post and watch your screen!

If none of those topics relate to you, there are plenty more out there. Take some time and venture around the blogosphere, as there are many great topics by great writers. If you aren't familiar, check out my blogroll to the right and just go from the top of the list (most recent) and on down the line, you are sure to find someone that tickles your fancy. Not sure where that one came from, so on that note, Alto's signing off and taking some meds or something...


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awesoem post as usual dude, and thanks for the mention!

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