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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Timbermaw Rep Farming For Enchanters: 1H and 2H Agility

 Following up with my enchanting questions, this is once again a part of a few enchant recipies that are the more "rare" in the AH, and although it's vanilla, and not even close to BiS, it's still worth having for no other reason than the profitability involved. The Timbermaw Tribe floats around a few areas, northern felwood and mid Winterspring. Obviously, the 2H Agility Enchant you can snatch up fairly quickly with little grinding involved. After a while I of running around regrinding this farm (for the second time for this post) I stopped for a minute (getting redundant), and hopped to wowhead to work on writing this post. While I was there,  I noticed there is a great "cheatsheet" on a quick run to exalted. So thanks to kennyparker1337 for the walkthrough, then thanks to dje871 for the macro for the "turnins" as well.

Guide For 4.0.3 (The Shattering/Cataclysm)Approx. Time to Exalted: 30min - 1hour

1a. Go to
Emerald Sanctuary, Felwood.

1b. Complete the quests from
-Talk to totem, Kill 15 Furbolgs, Gather 15 Honey Hives, discover totem's secret, and return to Grazle.

2a. Go to cave entrance to Timbermaw Hold in Felwood.

2b. Complete quests for
Nafien and Ferli.
-Kill 15 Furbolgs, collect 7 Deadwood Weapons, return to Nafien, then... (see very bottom of this quote)

Drizle, kill Chieftan Bloodmaw for key, free Drizle.

2c. Speak to
(you can pick up a repeatable quest here, but I would advise you only do it once and then continue on with this guide.)
3a. Go to a camp south of Timbermaw Hold, in Winterspring.

3b. Complete the quests from
Donovo Snowden.
-Kill 15 Furbolgs, defeat Winterfall Runner for crate, slay High Chief Winterfall, return to Donovo Snowden with the Crudely-Written Log, talk to Kelek Skykeeper (also in Felwood, but not for this quest) ... The rest you may complete but does not yield Rep with Timbermaw Hold.
-Find the cauldron, collect green sludge, return to Donovo Snowden.
-Speak to witch doctor to finish the quest you received while killing Furbolgs.
(Killing Rimepelt quest does not give rep either, but it is a 5yrd away quest.
4. Return to Nafien.

5. SLAY ALL THE FURBOLGS YOU SEE IN THE CAMP (in northern Felwood camp, where you are currently at)
6. Turn in the Feather For Nafien repeatable whenever you get about 40-55 feathers.
dJe781 said:
Use this macro to turn in feathers fast (just click guy, spam, right click, spam...repeat):
/script SelectGossipAvailableQuest(1)
/script CompleteQuest()
/script GetQuestReward()
Enjoy being Exalted, and go buy yourself the Stave of Fur and Claw!

You can go visit
Meilosh the Timbermaw Hold Quartermaster inside the cave, and
the quest
The Root of All Evil is now available from Gorn One Eye next to the quartermaster, obtain the trinket.

Meliosh Timbermaw

Timbermaw Vendor- Meliosh's Home

If you aren't a link lover, then here's some pics of where you are going to pick these up. There's a cave entrance where my bod is, and you just gotta roll through there, and "drop down" where you see three cats hanging out before the first bridge....


XanderEragon said... Reply To This Comment

Nice Alto, I always forget about these guys they are always selling some nice stuff to use for profit. Don't they also sell other recipes not just for enchanting?


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Nice post! both enchants are selling very well on my server but as an enchanter I didn't have a clue where are the recipes. Today I spent about half an hour to boost rep from unfriendly to honor and got both recipes. This post combined with the essence of air farming post in JMTC will generate quite some profit for me.

to Xander: I think there are LW and BS recipes as well, though I can't tell the rarities of them.


P.S. I did the lf farmer ads on my trade channel and seems like it attracts gold sellers attention much more.. I got several offers from them but nothing else. Not a good option if you actually want some work done.

Nev said... Reply To This Comment

Woo Hoo - thanks Alto! I've had this on my list of to-do's forever so your post made me go & actually do it - took me 1hr 20mins (incl interruptions & coffee break) from friendly to exalted but the 2 enchant recipes are available at friendly & honoured.

I also picked up a few BoE greens to d/e & a few stacks of mageweave to sell. Next stop, Silithus for the Essence of Air's :)

Xander - yes there are some LW & BS recipes that I noticed for definite - not sure how desirable they are these days though.

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