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Friday, May 27, 2011

Did you Know? Blizzard and Online Tickets

Not sure how many folks actually use this function, as it is fairly "new". Ever open a ticket in game and never get a response, or a generic one at that? I know I have. Reporting online is just as easy as in game, and I am gonna toss you some information on how to do it.

Now I know you are thinking, "This isn't a gold tip Alto", okay, okay. It is and it isn't. I wrote a post on the new changes to the Shuffle, and my 6/36 rule, but there were four other bloggers that hit on the new floor with the vendor changes seen in the PTR.... before I brought the post to life. If you aren't first, you are last....Anyways!

First, you will need to be logged into I normally have a tab open at all times on my 'puter, as it's basically a "remote AH" through there (more on that if you are interested...once again, just holler). Go to TicketHistory and you will see a screen like the pic above. If you don't see it, you aren't logged log in already!

Next, you will see an "Ask A Question" page. In Step 1, you can select what your issue is: Can't log in, something is wrong, issues with account or billing, or reporting your favorite bot/trade spammer/gold seller.

Once you choose a selection, you will then be prompted to add your realm and toon (character) along with a description of what your current issue is.

Please do your best to explain all the goods....I have noticed that the better off you are explaining, the better chance you have to get a "real" response instead of the cut and paste generics that we are used to.

Look below the Description box at the bottom of the page:

The best part about using this "ticket" system is the ability to add a file (i.e Screenshot, Image from a website- Undermine for bots-, or a txt if you really feel like writing a page question).

I hope this helps you in killing off your botters, answering your questions, and/or basically making your day easier when you have an issue in-game.

Like I mentioned above, holler out if you are interested in a post on my 6/36 rule or you can always comment if there is something you are questioning in game and I will do my best to answer explaining the process.

Remember folks, the weekend is upon us, so travel back in time to Feb when I posted this Clearance Sale post explaining a few tips I use to get prepared for upcoming sales. Have a gold filled weekend folks!


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Wow, I heard about this before but the ability to upload files, way cool for bringing that to my attention Alto!

Azz said... Reply To This Comment

Very nice. I had heard/read of others sending files (mostly TUJ pics) about botters, but never new how to do it. Nice to learn something new daily.


Nick said... Reply To This Comment

Apparently they still want you to report bots in-game.



Thanks for reporting the issue. In order to expediently address this, please make sure you are reporting such behaviors from in-game. That way we can use the realm info as well as timestamp information to help us ascertain the point of the violation, as needed. Web issues are more for reporting things that concern you outside of the game, and although we'll do our best to help you in any way that we can, we do need in-game issues reported in that fashion if possible.

We will investigate your report and take all necessary and appropriate actions to address this matter. Due to privacy concerns, we will not be able to notify you of our findings, nor of the actions necessary for resolution of this issue.

Matt A.
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment

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