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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Updated 4.0.6 PTR Changes Jan 24, 25- Arcaeology....Again?! WoEZoe!

To go along with my normal updates for ya'll, Blizz just released more information changes from the PTR. Most are character changes, but they have posted a bit more:

It has already been spoke about around the blogoshphere (you know me, I mentioned this back on my post PTR Update Jan 14) but it seemed to have hit our friend, Miss Mediocre, who hit a popular post on it, "Dear Blizz, you kind of owe me 3500g".

What I am talking about is the Archaeology artifacts and how the prices are once again changing. The main one that changed, is the Word of Empress Zoe (or the "correct" Alto term of WoEZoe...haha), which was talked about vendoring for 1000g, Blizz has nerfed their own test realm, and it is now 375g. Hmmm.....

Everything from the Dazzling Sapphire Pendant (that "used" to sell for 98c will be 98s the lowest of the lows for changes) to the WoEZoe (see? funny huh?) that gains 365g from the current sell price. There are quite a few that have changed to upwards of 100g, some hitting 200g. Huge difference Blizz, that's one way to get folks out there digging.

So nothing too big happening elsewhere that I can see, (other than some numbers tossed around on a few potions) but you can always check out the Blizz post here.


Faid said... Reply To This Comment

The Goldenscale Vendorfish of Archaeology! :D

Vince said... Reply To This Comment

These price changes will certainly help motivate me to grind for my trinket, again... I keep trying and keep giving up. Knowing that I'll at least pull in a tiny bit of extra gold for my investment should appease the goblin in me.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Blizz has motivated me to start up Arc with the changes, and I know its rare, but I would like the bone mount. Ugh. Another grind. But hey, what else am I gonna do? Sit at the AH? =)

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