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Monday, January 31, 2011

Even the Orgrimmar Grunts are Addicted!

This is a 100% "ish" post. No gold involved, but I thought you all might get a kick out of this if you haven't seen it yet...

A while back, I posted about the Mysterious Fortune Cards being the WoW Crack. Well, not only are the players addicted, but one Org Grunt admitted it publicly....

I am not sure if there is some Blizzard program that saw me list some on the AH, or if it was just completely random. Bah, who knows. It's funny anyways.

BTW, don't get used to short posts like this, I just wasn't finished with my post for the day when this hit, and figured I needed to share this with ya'll. Now to open up some cards...erhm, i mean play the AH and get my shuffle and mill on. =)


Kammler said... Reply To This Comment

That is really funny!

It would be cool if the GMs had the ability to comment on real-time stuff via NPC comments. But I suspect that was a programming change and it just randomly posted.

Wouldn't it be funny to see guards and grunts saying things like "Hey--why is that Warrior wearing +Int gear??" around the AH?

More ROFLs I say!

Ven said... Reply To This Comment

This is the kind of the thing i really like in WOW this sense of humor they have.Like some time ago before Cata during if not mistaken the retake of Gnomegon ,a referece to "Toby" the guy that wrote the speeches for the POTOS in West Wing the TV show.

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