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Monday, December 20, 2010

Don't Forget About Your Fire Prism Cooldown- Chimera's Eye

So I logged in, working on my usual daily ritual, and to my amazement as I craft my Fire Prism, and what to my wondering eyes should appear? Not a miniture sleigh, or eight tiny reindeer, but a Chimera's Eye Proc?! I have been making these every day now, and haven't seen one, and after today's "drop", I checked in at wowhead, seeing these have a 12ish% proc. Nice little addition, just thought you might need a reminder to not forget about these, as that is a nice little 1K kicker for your daily sales (or use...).


Unknown said... Reply To This Comment


I just stumbled across your Blog today and I'm loving the posts thus far! I added you to our Blogroll on my blog:

Being a Jewelcrafter/Alchemist/Engineer, I'm always looking for new ways to turn a profit :-)

Keep up the great work!

<3 Your Friendly Neighborhood Fuubaar

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ Fuubaar

I added you as well, and you need to contact me about a guest post, if you are so inclined. I don't see much on Engineering out there, and I have had a few readers request so (as I do not utilize this profession, it would be great to get some insight).


Stede said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah, I procc'd one of these on my 1st Fire Prism - the day Cata hit. Haven't seen any since then. Fire Prisms still stike me as the most economical way to level JC from 515 (when rare cuts go gray) to 525.

Vince said... Reply To This Comment

As attractive as that 12% proc is, I just can't bring myself to make Fire Prisms. I'm fairly certain that the mats are the same for Shadowspirit Diamonds, and there's just so much more money to be had in those. Even using just the 3 Carnelian to make Spikes and DE them should on average bring in a decent amount more than the Prism.

Of course, this could just be because prices are still kinda all over the place on my server, but it's definitely something to look out for.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

@ Stede
I am jealous...

Good points there. I was still doing the Fire Prism to get my last point when it procced. I will definitely look into the Diamonds, as they are still floating around 800ish.

Stede said... Reply To This Comment

I gotta agree with you on the profitability there, Vince - even though I wanna argue with you. I suppose you'll still get to 525 eventually if you're making Shadowspirit Diamonds rather than Fire Prisms. Last week I had a guy transmute me a full stack of SDs, and I've got em about 2/3 sold.

If you can't move those any quicker, Fire Prisms could be a nice way to diversify. On the other hand - if you're not into raiding and gearing yourself, Chimera's Eye's don't have the same allure. You wouldn't think of it as a 'free' JC token, because you wouldn't spend a token on a Chimera's Eye anyhow.

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