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Monday, October 22, 2012

Using The Undermine Journal (TuJ) Tabs: Great Deals and Unusual Items

Since most folks that read my blog are already using The Undermine Journal for your AH needs, you know that it seems to change quite often as the admin @Erorus keeps everyone on their toes....

A few days back, I noticed there were a few changes to the Great Deals was gone! Sad Panda fer shur....but the admin must have already had this plan going, as there is a new option that is a PERFECT addition:

Under the tab Great Deals (black taskbar) you will see the options of Great Deals and Unusual Deals (this one is new to me and VERY COOL!)

Click on image if you are blind and can't read it this small


When you are looking at Great Deals, there is always something you can snatch up at a great price (and you don't even have to be at your computer! If you have a smartphone (android or iphone) you can download the Remote Auction House app for free and no monthly fees! Buy and sell from work, on the road, on the train, at your girlfriends, mother in laws, wherever!

Click on image to enlarge (and that isn't what she said)

Don't just limit yourself to any area within Great Deals....why? Example of today's purchase:

*I am sure you can pick which one I snatched in this's Emerald

There are a few ways to distinguish which to buy....

1.Price vs. Mean - This is current price versus the 'average' price on your server. Great for flipping items

2.Price vs. Global - This is great to know the 'value' of an item worldwide. This is good if you aren't completely sure the rarity overall of your item.


Now, lets take a glance at Unusual Deals! This tab I am pumped about, and the first time visiting earlier today I snatched up a deal as well. I know this is a Hallow's End item, but for the time it takes to fly all over to get enough tokens, it's well worth my time....

Using a similar formula as what I stated above, I grabbed this item up due to the Global Median page. Nearly 5 times the price on my server.....however this one isn't going up for sale as I will be learning it upon login. It's a cool pet that I have wanted, just never wanted to invest the time to get it. Time IS money, friend!

*If you are using this to flip items, it's also a good idea to use Global Median to price for resale

So now, all you have to do is go to The Undermine Journal, use the steps above, log into your phone app, and buy up whatcha see!

Now after you snatch a few things up, holler back and let me know what you find!



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