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Sunday, September 23, 2012

What to do first on MoP Launch- Server First Level 90 FAST!

Now this sounds like it is against everything that gold makers should do. Level fast. But the reasons for this is twofold- getting in and out of Jade Forest as quick as possible ahead of the massive influx of players, and to be able to fly to farm nodes.

What is my TLDR plan? Simple:

85-86 3-4 hours'ish in Jade/Dungeons
86-87 4-5/6 hours in Krasarang Wilds
87-88 4-5/6 hours in Kun-Lai Summit
88-89 5-6/7 hours in Towlong Steps
90 - Dread Waste farming/Checking nodes/farming finds (best locations found thus far) Reputation Runs for Jade Serpents.

1. Mining and Herbing gives us XP- So pick up anything and everything that you can along the way- set hearthstone so that every few hour of playtime, you post new items/gear/whatnot on the AH (at ridiculous prices I might add).

*DO NOT- sit at the AH and search to see new gears. Yes you! Anytime on any and every xpac, this is a common occurance. If your goal is to get to 90 quickly, do not farm the AH, farm the new areas instead. People will be paying outrageous prices for the first few days on nearly all items (my set prices will be fluctuating from 20-25K for greens, and 75-100K for blues- just an example)

2. 25 Quest turnins at login will give you an instant 15'ish% start on the competition (Thanks @elvinelol on twitter!). There are quite a few folks I know that are prepped with Molten Front dailies just for this reason.

*The drawback here is the xpac difference. Both in mob xp, and QUEST XP. When Cata hit, folks kept dailies to turnin at launch, and were extremely dissappointed with the xp value. A bit over an hour with new quest XP versus a bit over an hour with new quest XP was nearly doubled back then. Will the same happen this time? Who knows really, but I will probably not be the one that will find out.....

3. 'Speed Run Dungeons'. I will be queue'ing (guilding as well) up Dungeons on attempt to avoid the Jade forest as much as humanly possible. In the meantime of Dungeon runs, I will be farming and doing small questlines in the Jade area (or just farming herbs/ore). I have heard that it is anywhere from 7-12% xp per 5 man run, and at about 40 minutes per, we are looking at 4 hours of dungeons to get from 85-86.

*With this scenario, within the first 3-4 hours of playing I am expecting to go from 85-86 and be able to get to Krasarang Wilds and smash out the questlines there...all the while in queue and picking up all the ores and herbs in my path.

4. GET IN A LEVEL 25 GUILD IF YOU HAVEN"T ALREADY- This is a huge step. 10% xp perk is massive. Getcha gettin' on!

5. Pre Stock up on food/water NOW! Most of the NPC's are already carrying Pandaria-esque foodstuffs, so rock a few stacks of each now, and every hour'ish that you hearth back to town, make sure to grab more. You will thank me later....

So that is it in a nutshell. Short and sweet. Although I will still probably stray away from every aspect of my current plan (as I have to factor in posting updates for ya'll, twitter time, daughter time, work, etc.....) this is my current setup for preparing for mists. Of course, my goldmaking will end up outweighing my quest to cap to server first 90, but my planning will still be the same. Since you have to be level 90 to fly in Pandaland, this is my utmost goal in game, is, and always will be, my #1 priority. =)

If you feel I left something out (I am sure I have), don't hesitate to holler. If you have a totally different gameplan, what is it? Lemme know below in comments.

See you in Pandaria!



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