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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fast and Easy Diablo III Gold- Act 1 Inferno Farming- Warriors Rest

No, it's not farming goblins with MF gear. This farming location is a 100% spawn of an elite mob, and it only takes a minute or two to log out, log in, get waypoint, rinse and repeat. Don't worry about NV stacks, don't worry about swapping your MF gear (although it will help drops), the only thing you will have to worry about is selling all your Exquisite Essences on the AH and wishing for that elusive i63 killer stat item!

You might be farming the spot I mentioned the other day in Act II, praying for the treasure goblin to pop or getting a few elites for NV stacks. Well, this plays along a similar line but a different road. Farming. 

First, you need to have your toon start a new questline at Act I- 6. The Broken Blade....Talk to Alaric.

Now you will be setting your waypoint/checkpoint. 

Now, you are in town and will go to the waypoint for Drowned Temple. As you see in the image to the right, you will follow the road downhill to get to Alaric. Tap the space bar a few times to speed up the chatter...

After speaking with Alaric, you need to go East/North East through The Festering Woods to getcha into Warriors Rest Cave.

Now don't forget the Chests here (three spawn points), you also need to loot the dead bodies, especially the "Dead Plunderer" as depending on your MF and GF gear, is a quick 1-2K in gold. Free money for something most folks just don't loot!

Now just kill the leet (Bloodreaver/Deathrattle/Evil Eye and others spawn here), rinse and repeat. Some folks use the town portal, log out, and "resume game", however I usually just do the 10 sec leave game. They seem to be near in time, give or take a second depending on lag and your computer speed. 

On a "normal" run using about 170GF/150MF gear (no need to swap, I only use half of my MF set and half usual gear- you don't need much damage on this "boss") I gain 2-4 blues, normally one producing a i61-i62. Every other run gives a rare on average. 

In less than 10 minutes, I fill my bags and portal to town. My next post will give you even more of a boost on what I utilize for goldmaking in town...

Before I leave you to play the game, the Festering Woods is a great location to farm up NV stacks. Utilizing both the "Warrior's Rest"and "Crypt of the Ancients" you have 100% chance at elite mobs (rare), and, on normal runs of the small area surrounding, I can easily get 5 stacks of NV within 10 minutes max. Very profitable area I might add. And a nice change of scenery when you get bored of other areas.


Mortey said... Reply To This Comment

I'm very curious what you do with the loot you get. I've had very little success selling anything I get on the AH and vendoring doesn't seem to do much

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


I am writing a post right now for tomorrow on that exact same issue!

You aren't the only one that has that same issue my friend. I got a little trick that is extremely simple that will net you nearly triple vendor price on most items.

I also have a post coming within the next week focusing deeper into items by spec for the best profits you can get.

Keep an eye out, or subscribe to my RSS feed on the top of the page to get my future posts directly to your email account, or just favorite my page of course!


Theruling said... Reply To This Comment

There are actually two always spawning caves in festering woods. Just visit both before leaving.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Yeah there are....I mentioned them in the post. Even if you just looked at the pictures you would see that bruddah!

This post was leaning toward the quick restart using the spawnpoint in the Warrior's dungeon, as there are less "white" common mobs in the Crypt of the Ancients. Sure you can use either, or even both, but if you just utilize one you can farm endless for about a minute a run. Works well... =)


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Alto, I remembered this post you made, decided to use this as a start to get my NV stacks to farm whimsyshire. I run both Crypt of the Ancients and the Warriors Rest and jog around for a couple elites before I pop to town and sell my stuf and hit the cow level. Works pretty well for me.

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