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Monday, April 2, 2012

What happened to my sales? Where is everyone?

Just a quick post today, mentioning the dwindling of sales/auctions/players across the board.....don't QQ just yet.....

Stats across the board are declining since the MoP Beta invites were sent out, and blizz stats of 10 mil players, 200K have beta access. 

Quick math says 2%. But what that two percent tells us is they are the "lifers". A majority of them are ones that have played nearly every part of the game over the last 6 plus years. Out of those in beta, a good portion have multiple toons, multiple professions (hint, hint). Now they are playing and searching every part of the beta, taking a break from the current game.

And it's only gonna slow down once again, as word is that this week there will be two more 100K waves going out for beta. Even more (or less) competition, but also more (or less) sales. 

Sure, folks are going to flip back and forth from beta to live, live to beta. But unless they are a true AH whore, this is where you can niche even further...

Another issue not even factoring in the next few additions of accounts to beta access is the ever nearing event....Diablo III. I think we can also accurately predict that there will be a good sum of folks at least trying their hand at the Real Money Auction House there, causing some more long time players to move over to the blizzard game that started them in WoW, Diablo....

So what are your plans? How will you make this a positive for your AH sales? Or are you in Beta and don't even have time to read this? Are you gonna pay a dime to only end up with a fart or you gonna slide under the door and take a free shit? 


*In case you were wondering what that last sentence was it's easy. Ask your parents/grandparents about going to an airport back in the day. "Here I sit all broken hearted paid a dime and only farted"....don't think they are nuts if they sing the jingle.... 

If you don't have one, used to have to pay 10c to open the door (or at some places, it was to get a few squares of shitter paper) to drop a loaf. Yeah. 'tis true.

What I was trying to say is...are you gonna be like everyone else, do what everyone else does, and see that it doesn't work like expected? Or are you going to find a way around the "norm" and work the system to your advantage? 

Spare a square? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller....Buuuueller?


Admin said... Reply To This Comment

And who will be the first to QQ? Lemme guess...

"my sales are fine"
"you suck"
"wont happen, blah, blah (and a week from now it does on their server"


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

300k have invites actually

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Thanks! Been busy, last I heard was two waves sent out, wasn't aware of the three!


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

R/L and D3 beta chewing up some time.


Skorpsy said... Reply To This Comment

I hope I get my invite soon.

In the meantime though my sales have slowed down, mostly because I'm simply off doing other things (leveling alts etc) and simply not posting so much. My scribe competitor I'm sure is pleased with this, since we were basically the only thorn in each others side.

Though, sometimes I wonder how I ever got to have three 85's because my attention span for leveling seems to be about on par with an ADHD 2 year old. I'm almost betting against myself getting this 4th one up to 85. :)

jimmyolsenblues said... Reply To This Comment

Amazingly glyphs sales are still nice, which is surprising so late in the expansion. you would think people would not drop so much agold on a new toon twinking

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

My sales have dropped off as well, so I have taken the opportunity to spend some time leveling my alts. I have quite the army to work on, of my 14 alts, only three are over lvl55 and that includes the two DKs that are stuck in the starter zone, all my others are less than lvl 30 and I am sitting on just over 50k gold. And I just started playing just before Thanksgiving last year.

Keep up the posts Alto!

Evlyxx said... Reply To This Comment

Personally, I'm having a ball. Picking up the slack in the jewelcrafting market (seems my competitors have largely gone AWOL) and levelling up fishing and archaeology on my toons.

Gold is flooding in from all 3 sources and building a stock of archaeology fragments for sale early in MoP to all those inquisitive pandas.

Finding that fish are selling both faster and for more money than ever presumably as more people are raiding for the first time (newbies and alts).

The income I'm I generating from time I'm spending leveling archaeology was unexpected and is insane but did require a bit of effort outside the game.

Adapting the Blasted Land strategy of acquiring transmog gear is the key and will require adding the rare spawns from Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor into your npc scan. You wouldn't believe the number of rares you fly over travelling between dig sites. Needless to say they are a frequent and transmog gear rich,

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Things are getting better ^^ Few hardcore AH players abandoned my realm after Diablo 3 relase, but now demand is incrising - players are comming back :D

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