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Sunday, March 11, 2012

WTB Content besides the AH- 50K for Rusted Drake?

Since my seek and destroy in the local AH has slowed to a somewhat boring grind, I have stepped out and play the game a bit (oh no, of course still selling in the AH...but just posting, not dealing with undercutting and/or profession crafting). This post is kind of a mix of a few thoughts, as I haven't posted in a week, so bear with me...

If you are getting "bored" with WoW as we know it, why not follow a few tips on what I have been doing, it might just spur your interest...

 I decided to work on Achievements (Explorer). One hint as you are swimming  around Vashj'ir, take the high road....Hop on any flying mount and explore above water. You still get the achievement, and you save an absolute ton of time (it kinda takes away the "exploring" part, but whatcha gonna do?)

One plus if you are working on this is you get a title, get to see a few things that you might have missed, such as seeing our buddy vile from Vile's Golden Auctions while running in Wrath....

I wonder though. I never saw Vile in this light. /shrug

I met up with a few players on my server a couple weeks back and gave a few tips to them (A link to my free guide and a farming spot in Hyjal I love for some quick gold). In return for my help, they have taken me under their wing and have brought me on as a temporary guildie inviting me on running some old school Raids (UludarSunwell PlateauThe Battle for Mount Hyjal, etc). Due to my hiatus in WoW for most of Wrath, and not being really guilded (and raided) since Vanilla, this was great fun, and I was (is) having a blast.

The night they got me my Rusted Proto Drake, I decided to give back a bit, buying them each Mechano Hogs for helping me out.  One of them, let's just call him M, also got a Traveler's Tundra Mammoth so he could get his 100 mounts Achievement. Little does Killer know, he is getting one next Mount I get....shhh. Don't tell him though. I figured it would be a nice surprise..

Here is where the 50K for the Rusted Drake comes in. No, I didn't really pay 50K for it, but I feel that it's the least I could do, and it felt good doing it. If you have that big chunk o' gold lying in wait for someone or something, do something with it. You might be surprised how much someone enjoys a little bump....

After glorifying my time spent, I clicked on my battlenet for my main. As I was looking, I noticed something kinda cool. You can click on your professions and see what you are missing. Then sub-link to an info page (somewhat like wowhead, but on battlenet pages).

I saw that I needed the Rituals of the New Moon (5 min of farming got it for me- you read right, it turns you into a wolf) and after 5 minutes of farming Silverbrook Trappers in Grizzly Hills, bam! Got it! One more item to add to my repertoire of goldmaking. If you don't have it, get it. After all, who doesn't want to be a wolf? Okay, wrong question. I really don't want to be, but maybe someone else does...

That's about the gist of it, running old content, transmog sales, glyph sales, and some random schtuff thrown in.

Is there something special that you are doing in the lagtime before MoP? Got any other ideas for me to work on? Lemme know! I am always up for some new ideas!

Oh, and FYI, I have been reading up on Pandaland, and see some great changes [for goldmaking], so look for a post this week on tasks I am working on (can you say Archaeology? I can...It's a boring grind, but I feel that Blizz is adding some changes, and I don't want to miss them!)

See you soon,


Phat Lewts said... Reply To This Comment

I didn't know that you could see a list of all the profession recipes you haven't learned yet. I feel like I'm going to be opening Pandora's Box if I go look at mine.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah, I was a bit surprised. I like the idea. I used to use an addon (not sure of the name offhand) that would tell me what I was missing.

I glanced at my Jewelcrafter, and after seeing 300'ish, I closed the window. lol.


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Ackis Recipe List is great for scanning your professions in-game to see what recipe/pattern's you're missing

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I sell the heck out of the rituals every time a new Twilight comes out. Never below 2k for each most of the time, I usually stock up a bank tab or two and just list and bark something about Team Jacob and his clan.

Zathanos said... Reply To This Comment

You hit on a big point that I've been dealing with lately. I'm bored as hell in WoW. I've already completed Explorer, Loremaster, and most all of the fun or entertaining achievements. (I don't consider running cooking dailies to be a "fun" activity.) I log in, post a few hundred auctions, and log out. There's nothing new to do, and it's really kind of annoying. I'm just waiting for Mists, and spending a lot of my time in World of Tanks instead. :)

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Ackis! That was it, thanks!


I know about Twilight about as much as I know about pokemon. Does that really work? I have seen guilds with team jacob, now I realize what that means. Yeah, I am a noob.


Are you stocked up for your professions? Are you Archaeology capped? Reading good things....


Skorpsy said... Reply To This Comment

I am actually surprised you didn't have rituals of the moo. It was an awesome hot seller in wrath. I made a lot of gold off selling those. During wrath they used to be amazing sellers on weekends, I would keep one equipped so I could prance around the mailbox as a wolf. Someone always took the bait and asked how did I turn my rogue into a wolf. :)

I know whatchya mean about getting bored. I decided to actually leave org to do some old achievements last night too. I tried to work on my Frenzyheart rep so I could get the Mercenary of Sholazar. Blah but I suck and though they only had 3 dailies I lost interest midway through doing the second one. =/

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Archaeology wasn't too bad. I always had something else going on when I did it. (Usually sitting in queue.)

Personally I haven't tried selling the keystones since I used virtually all of them as I found them. At the moment, I'm missing 3 of the rares to complete my "collection". (Both mounts and pets covered.)

The profession definitely needs work and hopefully some day they can add a bit more to it. It's definitely lacking the social element. (Not that fishing's much better.)

Joe said... Reply To This Comment

Alto, you are a great person and that is why we have no problem helping you get achievements bro!

We are trying to get as many (at least 15) players together from guild and friends to do 25 man ulduar hard modes so you (and them) can get your Ironbound proto-drake. Since I have it on Mak..., I might take my paladin to get it too. Easy run, just as easy as 10 man, just more hp to burn through!

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