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Monday, March 12, 2012

SoR Scroll of Resurrection Requests and Invites

With Blizzards new SoR (Scroll of Resurrection) in place, there are quite a few more players returning with a "free" level 80, a week free gametime, and a "free server/faction change to YOUR server. The "referrer" gets a sparkly mount (Spectral Wind Rider (H) or Spectral Griffin (A) for doing so. In case you were looking for a spot where subscribers and [non]subscribers reside, look no further.

Blizz is so determined to assist in this process that they set up a page on the battlenet forums to help in doing so:

Scroll of Resurrection Requests (Sticky)

As you can see, there are quite a few pages of folks that have done this already. A few options I have read up on are:

* If you want this to happen quickly, upon contact with your SoR invite, to get your mount faster, purchase them a Time Card at the BlizzStore.

* You can only send out one two "invitations" per day.
EDIT- One per in-game and one on

* Upon your SoR being completed (purchased gametime) you will get your mount via in game mail:

From: Spirit Healer
Contents: Spectral Crate

I am lopsided on this, but it seems that Blizz is doing their part to get more playing. Since Q1 is ending, they are boosting their subscription numbers to help their bottom line and keep their investors happy. I understand this.

My small complaint is blizz took away the "achievement" pets for logging in on Blizz's b-day, but adding the ability to purchase via battlenet store. Now, they are more prone to giving items to people that haven't played before (RaF) and existing players that have quit the game (SoR).

Business shows that the happy people (those that keep a subscription) aren't as needy as the disgruntled folks (i.e quitters). Once a quitter, always a quitter. As stated above, they are just boosting numbers.

Why not have positives for the consistent? I enjoy the game, will probably have a lifetime subscription (give or take) and will continue to play either way. But you know what? A little bonus here or there for just being me would be nice. Throw us a bone without making us do anything. Greedy? Sure.

Look at Marlboro, a product that is known to kill people. They have you addicted already, have no need to give freebies, yet they send me coupons every month. The have loyalty programs that give me something in my mail for my birthday every year. They have giveaways and promotions nearly every month on their website. I have a recurring subscription with them too. A pack a day. And they know at any time I can switch to another company. So they give perks to keep me. Until I quit smoking, they will have my business.

Wow? They take 16 bucks a month. I am addicted to playing. Loyalty programs? Nope. Birthday gift? Nope. Promotions? Sure, if I buy something extra. Giveaways? Only if I do extra (see RaF and SoR). Can I quit and play something else? Sure. But I really haven't. Yet....

Yes. I did just compare WoW to smoking. Hate me.



jimmyolsenblues said... Reply To This Comment

Yep alto, I agree, Jimmyolsenblues here...I pay 2 accounts, and 2 iphone remote apps a i get anything?
Do I get anything for never missing a payment for 4 years? Nothing, that's right nothing.
I probably gained at least 30 lbs in the past 4 years doing nothing but playing..
But its cheaper than going to the strip club.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

I feel ya bruddah.

I do get my monies worth, so I can't complain too much. Just trying to state the facts. They could do more (but then again, I would probably still expect more from them).


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Just a correction, you can send two invitations per day, not one - one via ingame friends list, and the second invite on battle net website, under account management.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Good to know! I only saw the one in game! Thanks for the correction!


Jon said... Reply To This Comment

The problem is that there is no perfect substitute for WoW. If Marlboro didn't send you coupons they'd risk losing your business to Camel or another brand, but no MMO is a WoW replacement. Still, I think a little something for having subscribed for six years would be nice, especially if the "new guy" gets shinies. Of course, banks and cable companies are notorious for treating their new customers in the same fashion, while leaving existing customers in the dust.

Bristal said... Reply To This Comment


Zathanos said... Reply To This Comment

Damn you... now I want a cigarette!

I agree with you completely that Blizzard has really made an about-face in how it treats current players. New content has been seriously lacking since Cata release (and I mean that once you've done the Cata stuff, there is nothing to really keep you in game other than the AH.) Bliz should reward players that have stayed with the game for so many years, not offer gimmicks to bring old players back for two months. (Most will leave again after two months time.)

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