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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

MoP- Mists of Pandaria Database Info

Ghost Iron Ore, Manticyte Ore, Trillium Ore, Engineering Pet- Pandaren Dragonling, Shadow Pigment, Darkmoon Card of Mists/Serpents/Cranes, River's Heart, Wild Jade, Vermillion Onyx, Imperial Amethist, Sun's Radiance

Just a quick post, WoWDB has datamined new Pandaria loot:

Here's the link to many of the new ore's, herbs, and etc. (Item level 90'ish)

Wowhead has updated their datamines as well:

MMOChamp also has some blues and epix for a quick look:

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Also, Wowinsider has an updated "new glyph" page as well....


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