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Sunday, February 26, 2012

WoW Goldmaking - Livestreams Incoming!

World of Warcraft goldmaking is a game all it's own. There are plenty of PvP and PvE/raiding livestreams, why not some dedicated to Gold-making?

If you follow me on twitter (@AltosGold), then you might have seen me re-tweet some live "podcast" style streams on What I am liking about these is they have a chat pane next to the stream and you can holler back and forth between the others watching as well as talking with the "streamer" themselves. 

I think this will start being more and more available, but currently, there are two three that I know of, flux and faid (and SAPU! Bossman of the great addon, TSM!). And if you don't know about them yet, now you do.....

Edit 1:26 CST 2/26/12: Live stream with TSM inc!

The one, the only, no competition here: SAPU! The man behind the addon, TradeSkillMaster (TSM). There is no introduction needed here, our favorite gold making addon founder and creator just added a ( 

The first The next one I am covering is Flux (Jim) from PW:G. Plenty of topics, quite a few how-to's, and some random cats on the screen here and there. A few weeks back he tweeted (is that a word?) he started a stream. This is an addictive new option for the gold-making community, and knowing Jim, he will put alot of focus on it. Just follow him on twitter, as he posts there when he goes live. 

PWG has been rocking his for a few weeks now, you can find him at You can find more on Jim through the links below:



The next one is faids' (@faidtastic). She just started her stream at, and since she is so knowledgeable in basically every area of WoW, I am looking forward to seeing more of what she pulls off. Her blog and youtube are both great sources for gold tips:



Why are you still here? Clicky, clicky and go see what I am talking about!


GrayzBDF said... Reply To This Comment

Good write up, Alto. I'm excited about streams making it into the gold making community. Makes for good discussions and a good atmosphere.

Get yours up and running even if it's only once a month! :)

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