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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Truesilver Shafted Arrow Pricing - Plus Updates & Randomness

Love is in the Air! Love is also getting more gold in the bank!  I hope that you are taking advantage of the new "investments" we have available this holiday with the Truesilver Shafted Arrow and Swift Lovebird both sellable on the AH.

No, no, no. Don't be thinking "just another post on the friggin pink bird". This is more of a reminder to you about investing.

As with any other "flip" or investment you toss your gold at, this can be risky. Those that keep updated with Twitter or are even just keeping track of your AH or /2 Trade can see the dramatic price difference from day one. I purchased a Swift for my main for 35K on day one (now I am picking them up for 12K). Bad investment you might say. Nah, it wasn't. It was a purchase. I kept that one. =)

I have too much gold not to buy things on impulse. That's one of the great things about being successful in goldmaking. You want something? Buy it. No need to think twice.

Since then, I have purchased a handful of both items for future sales, and now is the time to start cracking on your investements on them as well.

Since the Truesilver Shafted Arrow is so much cheaper to get (40 Love Tokens vs. 270 for the Swift Lovebird) you will see these drop to a all time low on Saturday and Sunday (the last days of the event). As people are pushing to get rid of their saved up tokens from the last two weeks, and use them before they lose them, cheapness will ensue.

Since they are much easier to get, and so many folks that want one already have one of them, don't expect your 500g purchase to net 20K profit on the Arrow. I am expecting 20K'ish plus profit on each of the mounts however....

I would recommend buying up a few, tucking them away in a little corner of your bank and forget about them for a few months, and then reviving the economy by dusting them off and posting them on the AH. Cha-ching! Profits, baby, yeah!

For an instant play by play of pricing, use these TuJ links below for the most updated information and sales/selling prices around the world (i.e servers):

Truesilver Shafted Arrow
Swift Lovebird

Now whats an update post without talking about Heart of the Aspects?

Yeah, I still bought one (literally five minutes after the MMO post that it was for sale). I didn't buy it to be unique, I bought it because I wanted it (and since my first flight, I really don't even use it. Too much flapping and whatnot). I have tried and tried to get my "great white buffalo" (see the reference there, hot tub?) Ashes of Al'ar, and have yet to get it. I sometimes go out of my way in Hyjal just to get a glimpse of the NPC Rare Mob Blazewing and view it in awe hoping that someday I will have my topic there. Sorry, my adderall hasn't kicked in.

Now some quick love to some fellow bloggers (and Twitter buddies) for some great recent tips (follow them on twitter using the links on their name for some great ideas about goldmaking):


He linked a video about farming Scholo for the chest "run". It's a great way to get some transmog gear, it has once again became part of my daily ritual (in and out a few times with the reset done in about 15 minutes- Go do it!).


Two things. Faid is double cool recently!

One, a few days back, faid had a little show of all her cool toys in WoW. The one I thought was kinda slick (and only a few quests to get) is the Rainbow Generator. About 20 minutes will get you the trinket, and it's kinda funny to use it and sprout a big'ol rainbow at your target.

Two, faid's trick on farming Blasted Land rares. (dont forget to use her macro- she has it below the video). You can generate quite a bit of gold from this, as you basically double your items every rare spawn (their drop, plus a Imperfect Draenethyst Fragment or a Flawless Draenethyst Sphere that you turn-in to get more greens/blues):

Flux ran through it on his new streaming video the other day so I gotta give him credit as well (I am liking his livestream on twitchtv, so check it out!)

And a shoutout to EPP (Epic Penny Pouch) on his post covering a little used and very niche Inscription market for transmog. Check out his post here: Swords Decks for Transmogging. I am so surprised I have not done this! Or even heard folks doing it! It's nice to learn a new goldmaking scheme! Thanks bruddah!



J.E. Douglas said... Reply To This Comment

I'm banking on the truesilver shafted arrows to be a long investment for now. Once the majority of the ones that people have are used (alts, new toons, sold etc) then coming back with the demand will rise again. Also with MOP at somepoint in our future, depending on when that releases people will want the arrow for their tons created there.

Same thing with the mount. 35k is a pretty good investment, especially on the off chance that blizzard will pull another different mount out of their hats and this one will not be available anymore.

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