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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How To Setup/Install The 64bit WoW Client 4.3.2

Wow. 64bit does make a difference! If you are having issues installing the "beta'ish" WoW 4.3.2 Client, take a few moments and read up:

After having some quest issues since Tuesdays Patch, I hit up BlizzardCS on twitter about another issue (yes, as in multiple). @DragonBearJoe hollers back asking if I had the 64bit installed.... I completely forgot about them adding in in the latest patch. Hmm. Time to get to work!

So what do I do? Get right over to and look for it....I go into my account, nothing specifically stating a 64bit option.

Nowhere. Huh. Another tweet and a quick google search gave me the WoW BattleNet Blue Post that has the download....good. Now to test....

Huh. The say in the first paragraph to put it into the WoW Directory. BLIZZARD, IS IT SO HARD TO SAY WOW FOLDER? Or maybe give us an image to go off of? Jeezus. I am not the smartest, and you know how many questions you would save by making a video....or posting pics....something?

So heres the play by play:

1) Go to

2) You will see the option: Build - PC linkMac link . Choose your poison.

3) You will see the download screen pop up. Next, you will see the zip folder. It'll look something like this:

4) Now open your WoW Folder. It should look something like this:

5) On your Zip Window (see #4) Extract files to whatever your WoW folder is (should be called...wait for it....World of Warcraft- see image #5). You can click the "Extract files to" and dump them into the main folder (#5)

Almost done. Now, upon your login screen, You will see a little "Options" on the upper left hand on it. Go down to Game Preferences. Make sure that the last option, "Launch 32 bit Client" is disabled (okay, unchecked).

An easy way to check to see if it grasped (well, it should have if you followed the directions above) is to go to the next screen where you toss in your login info (in other words, hit PLAY).

As long as it shows the Release x64 in the lower left corner, you are good to go!

Now, just log in as usual (meaning using the normal click on the logo to log in). If for some reason you are having issues, you have followed all the steps, then right click and run as admin. If it still doesn't work, check to see that your computer is on.....

Finale? It's better. Much better. My latency is clear, I have little to no lag at all, and loading screens are much faster. Think of Nintendo vs. N64. I think....anyways, if you only have 2g, you wont see a difference. Basically, from what I understand, using the 64bit gives full access to at least 4g, making things flow much faster. But as usual, I may be wrong. I am sure someone will say so below.

Hope it helps!

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Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Does this also apply to EU clients?

Ven said... Reply To This Comment

I was waiting for this one, but yesterday people say it didn't work, I have to try it at my laptop, I will tell how it go , ty ALto for the Info.

Nigel said... Reply To This Comment

And for MAC, even easier. Follow the above MAC link and it should automatically download/unzip. Move the WOW-64 app to your WOW folder. Now when you go to launcher, it'll ask if you want to run the 64 bit app (say yes) and you're done. No need to try and see any options for disabling 32 bit, etc. It just works.

Mako said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks. Forgot about this.

Mugsley said... Reply To This Comment

The 64 bit client allows the program to use *more than* 3GB of system memory (RAM) for various tasks. This is the main reason that the 64-bit client smooths things out. It essentially has more resources at its disposal.

Xsinthis said... Reply To This Comment

I was looking forward to this too, came a bit too late for me though since I no longer raid. A few notes:
- It uses a different executable, so if you don't use the launcher you can run it via WoW-64.exe
-If you have WoW pinned on Win 7 you'll have to re-pin it for the 64bit version

From what I understand, due to the compatibility layer with 32bit apps on 64bit OS's, if you have a 64bit OS, you should run the 64bit client, no matter how much RAM you have

thrinetu said... Reply To This Comment

thanks a bunch for posting this, made it so easy to set up for me!

Zab said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for posting this. Everywhere I went I couldn't find ALL the info.

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