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Monday, February 27, 2012

Error Downloading Patch 4.3.3? How to Disable & Uninstall 64 bit Client

A few posts back, you probably read about How to Install 64 Bit Client for WoW and went ahead and rocked it like I did. Well, now we have to un-install it otherwise we can look forward to errors upon 4.3.3 tomorrow (Scroll down and I have the how to uninstall if you don't want to hear me blabbering). Go figure.

Don't fret, word is they are working on another update to the 64 client, so we will see it soon, and of course, I will do my best to ease the pain for you for a successful install.

You might have seen the post on WoWInsider (left) about this. Or the post on (right) about this. But as usual, they are both mirror images of each other. I really don't understand why the professionals at WI don't explain anything other than a cut and paste from Battlenet. /shrug.

Since they won't take the 10 minutes to show you, I will. Just like the install, it's not hard, you just have to open up a few folders and delete a few files (this walkthrough is for pc, not for Mac- Mac users have one file, the that should be easy enough). A simple two step process will get you where you need to go.

Step 1:

Open your Warcraft folder, it should look something like this (I pre-sorted by name for easier search):

For ease of explaining, I moved them to the bottom of the list. The three files are:

Movie Proxy


Step 2:

Delete. Seriously. That's it. Once you find these three icons, right click on them and delete. You are done. Now just do a quick test to see if it worked.....

Now, open your wow client (your WoW logo) and on your login screen, you should see something like this (note the 64 changed to 86 again). If it shows 86, then you are ready for the patch this week! See, that didn't hurt, did it?

Now, make sure you are on my RSS feed (only my posts go into your inbox through your email address- no spam, no nothing but great Alto'ish posts!) and when the 64 bit comes back out, I will post on "how-to" again (I am sure there will be a multi-step process again).


Handera said... Reply To This Comment

What about that scan-64.dll file on the left side? I'm going to assume we should delete that, even though Blizz didn't mention it.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Interesting...I didn't notice that.

I guess we will find out tomorrow?


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