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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Patch 4.3 - All You Need To Know

Hey folks!

Since 4.3 hit, there have been a few things of note. First off, a ton of auctions are selling, and if you make sure you are doing the right things, then you are destined to make gold.

First, I have to hit on addons. You all probably had issues with Auctioneer (which is a staple to gold makers nowadays). The pic look familiar?

Curse has the new update available, so if you haven't already, make sure and go download it. It was noted on the Consortium (you should really keep up with my blogroll for their and other's updates....) with a link to fix it right away (here it is).

This being the week of the Darkmoon Faire, and with it being the "new and improved" carnival, there are a ton of things to do.

Fish up a Sea Pony (bubble pet), do a ton of dailies, sell off Simple Flour (did you see me list that on Twitter) for the cooking quest, hitting up the Shipwreck Debris on the shore for some nice chunks of gold, you name it. Quite a few things to do there, it is actually fun..

Silken Treasure Chests. It seems to me that these have a very interesting spawn timer, as I have looted 12 of them since Patch day, all in the same location. I am not sure if this is happening at all nodes, but take a look for yourself.
*I have only seen two of these since The Shattering, so to loot 12 in a week is a nice plus...

I am guessing you destroyed your AH with Gems, Enchants, Spellthreads and Transmog Gear. If you didn't, still get in on them.

With this patch, the xp from 71-80 has been reduced by a third (33%).

With Archaeology, you get more fragments per dig. From 3-4 to 5-7. I have heard of folks getting 9, but psshhh. Who knows. I am not a digger, but still a nice buff for those that do.

Inscription gave us a new Glyph, Glyph of Shadow (which is purely a cosmetic glyph). You can't learn it from the trainer, you need to utilize the good ol' daily cooldown of Minor Inscription Research, which uses one Moonglow Ink and two  Light Parchments. Resets at midnight, so if you aren't caught up, do so now. Also remember, if you purchased the PvP trinkets (like the Vicious Charm of Triumph) recently, they have a new ilvl of 377. Craft em and sell em!

LFR (Looking for Raid) was exploited, and exploitable...But it's still a great tool for gearing (I believe it's a ilvl of 372 to join). If you don't have the gear, the PvP Blue Vicious Sets (see below) are on your AH with a ilvl 377 to boost your score.

Season 11 starts when Tuesday maintenance comes up, so there is an even stronger demand with an "easier" AH PvP, due to most of the folks that stockpiled for the patch have run out. So this little patch buff that we got on our goldmaking is not over yet. All this week through the weekend will still have killer sales....


Formula: Enchant Weapon - Executioner is BoE now and is available for purchase at Dealer Jayden in Netherstorm. This was first talked about on The Consortium as a great item to flip. Make sure you grab a few, they are only 4'ish gold to buy, and I have sold a couple for insane markups since last Tuesday. Did you?

First off, Enchants, Enchants, Enchants. Sell em. One and all. Keep them posted, I would recommend crafting 5 of each, posting two at a time. There is a ton of movement, so try to keep resetting them when you are undercut if you are looking for massive sales. If you only post once a day, don't worry, they are selling so quick and the prices of Greater Celestials are the highest I have seen in recent memory..(it might even be profitable to flip greens or Carnelian Spikes to D/E and sell them- check your server prices).

Maelstrom Shatter. Do I need to say more? Check the prices on your server to see if it's viable.


If you are out of regular blue gems, don't fret. Shadowspirits are selling faster than I can keep 'em on the shelf (both uncut and cut). If you fell behind the times and didn't get the BoE cuts since last patch, they are down on most servers to a manageable price (500g to 2K), and you will make that back fairly quickly.

Design: Rhinestone Sunglasses? Sexiness. Now to find out where they are (maybe added today with High Society Top Hat?).

You can also note that your crafting goods that you purchased over the last few months (see Vicious Ruby Signet) are now a ilvl of 377. Craft em, sell em!

No Epix from Pyrite Ore. Yet. But I still have two bank tabs collecting dust, there's always that small chance....


You have the Vicious PvP sets available to craft. If you learned the "Bloodthirsty" PvP sets already, they are updated automatically in your crafting window. If you don't have them, train them up.

Tailors have Spellthreads to sell, Leatherworkers have Dragonscale Leg Armors,  and Blacksmiths have the good ol' Ebonsteel Belt Buckles. If you aren't selling these, get em up on the AH asap.

Chaos Orbs are now BoE. These are needed for most epix that you can make....The prices have skyrocketed to an unbelieveable low. 40g on a handful of servers, 60g is the mean average. Just watch your times of the week, they are fluctuating daily. If you watch your ups and downs, they are a viable flip for 20-50g profits with little risk involved.

I am sure I missed some things, so feel free to add anything in comments. I will update this post and it will be added to the top of my toolbar later on today for easier access as new things pop up.


Admin said... Reply To This Comment

This was taken from the comments on wowhead:

Ornate Weapon Stormwind Stockades (Randolph Muloch) 4/8 drops/kills ---> Why this is my choice? Because it's right in the middle of town.

Imbued Crystal Ragefire Chasm, Taragaman. 2/2 drops/kills ---> Why this is my choice? Because your right in the middle of town
Second best: Scarlet Monastery (High Inquisitor Whitemane)

Mysterious Grimoire: Zul'Farrak (Hydromancer Velratha) 1/2 drops/kills ---> Why this is my choice? Ride in, kill her, ride out. Shouldn't have to kill any trash.

Monstrous Egg: Zul'Farrak (Gahz'rilla) 1/2 drops/kills ---> Why this is my choice? Ride in, kill & ride out. And you will already be there if you are farming the Grimoire anyways (see above).

A Treatise on Strategy: Grim Batol (General Umbriss) 1/1 drops/kills ---> Why this is my choice? Of the confirmed drop chances, this one is probably the quickest one to reach with the minimum amount of trash. Unfortunately the Treatise isn't 'farmable' like the other four since it can only be obtained through a level 85 heroic instance.
For this reason, my second best would have to be Stonecore (Slabhide). A lot of people run the instance for the chance of the mount drop alone, so you'd be knocking out two birds with one stone

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Excellent post and very nicely put together! Thank you.

Nithrius said... Reply To This Comment

Nithrius here (wrote previously about the MFC drop rates), found out an interesting yet disappointing bit of information.

The polished bronze rivets which we previously had found would be used in the High Society Top Hat recipe have become grey items. What this entails, one can only assume. I know I invested at least a thousand or two gold into swiping them when they were below 100g, in hopes of flipping them for a profit when the hats came out.

For reference purposes, the name of the new item is Corroded Bronze Rivet.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Nith- I saw that in my bank last night. Not sure what to think about them, but they only take one slot. I am holding onto them still.

If only to remind me to not always listen to myself.... =)

Nigel said... Reply To This Comment

Well, looks like you don't like right clicking. Unfortunately for me, that's what I do to open a new window and have met your 'you will be punished'. Guess I'll have to try and remember this on your site; what a PITA but I guess you have folks taking info from you. Although there should be a way you could do this with the content sans the links.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Yeah, sorry about that. I have four sites (that I know of) that is taking my info and claiming as theirs.

I hope to find some HTML or Script I can use other than taht.

Sorry Mang!


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