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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

BoA Pets and Mounts in Pandaria 5.0?

Uh oh.

For those that either accumulate, buy, sell, trade, or stockpile pets, it seems they might be going the way of the glyphs...kinda.

A recent blue post on the forums by none other than the overzealous gold hating Nakatoir:

Basically the silly scorpion states that Blizz is testing the waters on account wide features in Pandaria. Due to Pet Battles and such, if one toon owns a pet, all toons on your account own that pet....but that's not it. He (they or it) also describe if that is successful, then mounts is a possibility as well.

Dammit Jim! Err....Nakalaka! I mean Nakasuki....Porkchop! Whatever your name is! I hate when blues do this to us!

Now this is more than speculation, as it is some time before Panda Xpac will be upon us. But to see a blizzard blue mention this is sickening to anyone that:

A. Spent time searching to get "x" pet or "x" mount (see Time Lost Proto or Ashes of Al'ar)
B. Spent time grinding out rep to get "x" pet or "x" mount (see Glory of the Hero Red Drake)
C. Sells any amount of "vendor" or "mob dropped" pets in the AH (see Hyacyinth or the dreaded Cock-a-roach)

On the other hand, who knows what they are thinking. With just a snipped from a probably now fired blizzard dev, there has been quite a stir....

OR------The blizz post is really mentioning about adding Mount Battles as well as Pet Battles in Pandaland? Things that make you go hmmm...

A really confused Alto
With a really horrible Conspiracy Theory

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Greygamer said... Reply To This Comment

This is a 'can-of-worms' thing.
First off 'Pet Battles' may not happen (e.g. Dance Studio/Air Combat/Path of the Titans etc.) Add to this that 'account-wide' was something they struggled with over heirlooms. Most people have pets after all.

It seems strange they are actually reducing the content if this applies to rep/achievement pets and mounts. Less to do in end game, means more time for other MMO's. Okay they sold some annual passes but by the time MoP releses they will likely be 4-5 months from ending.

This has a major effect on Engineering, if those pets are also BoA and it ends up with no 'economic' benefit. It's PVE/PvP benefits seem less impressive as it is.

Doesn't this also put the boot into the Pet Store?

Of course it might be that only vendor pets will be effected.

My gut tells me Pet Battles will not be available at launch, if ever.
I have already noticed a big drop off in demand for pets and the xpac is a long way off.

Mako said... Reply To This Comment

I don't really get your comments.

There aren't a lot of people who collect pets but those that do, don't collect the pet N times for each of their N alts. They typically have one main that is the pet collector.

So how does this change anything?

Greygamer said... Reply To This Comment

If there weren't a lot of people that collect pets it wouldn't be a good market to make gold in (and it is). Also Blizzard wouldn't be selling them. So I am not sure what you base your assumption on.

True they might have one character that has all the rares, but crafted pets would not fall into this category.

The most recent RM pet was a one per character deal and there was a lot of reaction to this from people that do want such pets on all their characters.

I used to sell a lot of crafted pets (even the old ones), now I am lucky to sell 1 in a week.

I think my main worry is what happens with Engineering.

Seqenenre said... Reply To This Comment

As somebody who regularly sells Vial of the Sands I have mixed feelings about account wide mounts. While, in theory, it should reduce my market to number of accounts rather than number of players, I think far more people would be willing to shell out 45,000g for a mount that will be available on all their characters, rather than just one.

Also, as Mako points out, it's very rare for somebody to buy an expensive mount for each of his characters; it will normally only go to his main/mount collector.

All in all, I think the market for high cost mounts and pets is likely to grow rather than shrink.

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