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Monday, November 14, 2011

Random Email, Ruby Shades, and High Society Top Hat... Finally!

Hey folks!

Whats the good word? Most of you reading this have rolled with me through thick and thin. If you are a fellow blogger, you have put up with some of my rants and raves and still kept me on your blogroll. Some agree with what I say, others not so much. It happens. I never thought my blog would impact folks as much as it does.

This evening, I received an email from a company stating that I need to retract statements I have made recently or legal action will be taken. Now I have no idea if this is legit (it very well could be) or just a scam (possible as well). But it did get me thinking....

This blog is my sounding board. Although I am nearing mid 30's, this blog is my diary. It just so happens it is in public view. As I have wrote before, I have opinions. I have facts. Some time they mix together, sometimes they run solo. One thing that you do know is that I stand behind what I say. Am I wrong at times? Sure. On the flipside, I am also right as well.

I write about things that are on my mind. When I play WoW, I write what I do in game. For instance, I logged in for a few earlier today. I saw someone selling Ruby Shades in chat, made an offer, and got em...I was actually surprised they didn't jab me for more since they mentioned they read my blog....

Oh, you wanna hear the story? Ok.

The AH had them for 5K and 7K (his was the 5). He hollered in chat selling them. I asked how much. He stated "at least 3ish". I offered 2500g and got em. Did I get a deal? I probably wouldn't have bought them for anything more than that (who am I kidding, I probably would have). I can remember purchasing my first pair for what, like 10s from Haris? Anyways, long story short, it's what I did in game today. Nothing major. Other than one step closer to my pimped out banker.

Speaking of pimped out bankers, High Society Top Hat is finally on teh PTR! Sexiness! I only wrote that post in friggin January, and the PTR isn't even using the rivets..but I am sure the mighty folks at Blizz forgot their original mats they had datamined back then. Or they just like proving me wrong. One of the two.

Sorry, got sidetracked, going back to my rant....

But that's just part of what this blog is to me. It gives me a place to vent. If I have something that is bothering me, find out about a new blog, a cool website, a great post someone else wrote, I place it here. Fine, right?

The comments add to what happens here or on any other blog. That allows people to base their own opinion on what my post speaks about. I try to do my best to reply to comments you all make and keep the post going. Some times, they go a bit too far (or I do). I have to remember that this is public. But then I think back to my constitutional right "Freedom of Speech". Who knows what that really means......I guess I will find out soon enough, huh?

If you hate my vents, hate my posts, hate whatever, let me know what you think. Do you get pissed off when I state my opinion on something? Or do you like it? Do you want only wow based stuff, or do you mind off topic?



Jafo said... Reply To This Comment

You keep writing them, I'll keep reading them.

As for the threat of legal action....
What laws are they claiming you broke?
Its not libel or slander if its true. :)

Theruling said... Reply To This Comment

We all want to know what was so offensive! Lol

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Love your work Alto!

Gimp said... Reply To This Comment

Haters gonna hate!

Dont stop ranting, its part of you dude!

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


It's a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo, google couldn't even help. Having a bud look at it for me that is nearing his bar exam...


It was a post from a few days ago.


Thanks. I love you too!


Thanks bruddah!

Xsinthis said... Reply To This Comment

WTF did WoW-Crusher try to pressure you? lol

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Let's just say I will keep you all updated when I find out the legalities of the email.

Toltec said... Reply To This Comment

Hey Alto...
Your rants are a starting point for you. They are what they are at the moment. I have always found you flexible and open to softening or even changing that opinion if fact turn out to warrant it. There's a lot of people blogging that are a bit too arrogant or feel that they somehow have a corner on "truth."
Your blog is a conversation and the rants are a great starting point. Keep up the good work.

Azz said... Reply To This Comment


I second what Jafo said in first comment, you keep writing, I'll keep reading. As for the legal mumbo jumbo email, its safe to say that you pissed someone off with a recent post. Looking at the recent history of your blog, we could assume it is related to either Wow-Crusher or the Gold Speed Run site/people. Either way, I expect it to be a bunch of BS, trying to scare you into removing certain posts/comments. I admit I am not an attorney nor am I nearing the bar (exam), but my knowledge of the US Constitution, allows for freedom of speech. However, it does not include defamation, slander, libel, etc. You are free to say/write your opinions, and make statements unless you know they are false, and they can harm someone or a business.

Long answer to say, as long as you are not lying about what you write, then I think you are fine. If you find out that your comments are incorrect, you may need to consider removing/revising.

Just my two cents :D

Skorpsy said... Reply To This Comment

You're probably one of my favourite bloggers (well faid beats you out as the actual favourite, but you and the new xman guy from the golden crusade, are tied at second)

I LOVE your rants! Actually i think many posts that I have enjoyed the most were by you and some other bloggers that were completely off topic. It's nice sometimes to just read something different from the everyday i'm shuffling stuff. Also off topic ones tend to be more personal and often give a better glimpse into someones personality and every now and then a blogger will actually do a post regarding something in their life and completely wow unrelated. Though I rarely post comments on those, I think those are my real favourites. My husband says I am like the annoying nosey neighbour in rl, so I guess I don't stray far from that online either. :)

You have a nice personality, and it shines through in many of your posts. It sounds like scare tactics to me, though I do hope you look into the legalities just to cover your ass. I'd hate to see you get into any actual trouble over it.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

What did you write to get that sort of email ! I am Jelous


drop me a mail if u want me to have a look ect

Jon said... Reply To This Comment

If it is indeed WoW Crusher that has contacted you threatening legal action, that is pretty sad on their part. Why not just take the time to build an honest product instead of having to use lawyers to hide every negative comment about it on the internet. Pretty pathetic way to build a business, but I wouldn't hold it past Markco to pull that crap.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

To all those that are inquiring about the email, I feel that it is in my best interest to not speak about it until this issue is squashed.

I am sure you can understand my situation.


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

As any lawyer would advise their clients not to make a public comment on pending litigation. I think it's a wise move not give any more details until the situation is resolved. If it is the truth then your safe. If it is a Lie then your not. Opinions can be dangerous that's what makes them fun :) I wish you the best in the resolving of this issue.

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