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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oh noes, Not Another Forum!

Hey folks!

For the time being, I added a forum to my little blog. Yeah, like you don't have 10 others you post at..I know. It's up to you, I am not twisting anyone's arms to join. But hear me out. See the picture below? No? Look at the top bar of my main page, and you will see a big FORUMS !NEW! there. Yeah. Click there. That will get you to the main page.

I will be checking and posting there tidbits of info that might not make it into a blogpost, general discussions, whatever comes to mind. If you have specific questions, I will do my best to answer them as well. These forums are meant to be available for my readers, and use it as you please. I only ask that if you are spamming porn, trying to sell a guide, affiliate sales, or the like, your post will get killed off (once I figure how to do it....).

Now bear in mind, I have no clue about forums, not sure how moderation is done, barely figured out resizing to fit on the page (there is a post there with a link to a page that hosts a full screen, a bit easier to use), so I apologize ahead of time until I get used to this kind of thing.

Since there are so many forms of conversation available (twitter, skype, other forums, redditt, blogs, emails, you name it) who needs another forum? You do. Even if you just find a cool website, hear about beta keys, whatever, whenever.

It might just end up being a waste of my time setting it up, or it might become a great place to hang out. Who knows. Only time will tell.

And FYI, everyone has an open invitation (it's free). Even you in the back. Yeah, you. Cmon over and start up a conversation....

Yours truly,


Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Try this link:

It's a fullscreen, it might be a bit easier to register. You aren't the only one that had the same issue....

Skorpsy said... Reply To This Comment

Hahaha thanks! I got it now. :)

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