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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blizzard Forums For Goldmaking?!

Hey Folks!

To break away from all the sloppiness of the PTR 4.3 information that is out there, I thought I would give you a little glimmer of the shiny spendicular goldmaking tool best referred to using the forums for sales/buying goods. With the Transmog coming up with 4.3, there are quite a few topics up, and now is a great way to take advantage of this option.

Most folks, and I am talking about the more "hardcore" players, keep a tight eye on their server's forum, and are more than willing to chat it up in game and wheel and deal on their goods. Ok.....note that I said "most" folks.....

A few days back, I had a post that spoke of different ways to make gold (but aren't they all? At least, most of 'em?). One of the items that I hit on was using the Forums. Yessir (maam'), that is a great way to get rid of an item that is struggling in the AH or to buy a rare or limited "toy" you are looking for. Let's look at some screenies, okie dokie?

First off, go to your servers forums on Easy to find, easy to search. Start going down the list. On the first page, there was a few that stood out to me for examples.

Here we have a list of who/what/where you can find a crafter for your fireland gear. Oh so much easier than the lagging sludge called trade chat....

Here we have a cat wanting to pick up a very rare (ok, in my eyes at least due to my hate of fishing in game) dagger.

Here, I was a little late to the party, what seems to be a farmer was wanting to part with his Ravasaur Hatchling. And what? It sold? Already? Okay. You getting my point yet? THIS WORKS!

OMG! Just what I was looking for! EPIC LOOTZ! Here's the folks I love dealing with. Anyone that uses z's instead of s's is A-ok in my book. If only they used a X instead of a C, that just might be a deal breaker....

Now I know I didn't have to go into too much info here, it's fairly self-explanatory. Before you go off bitching and moaning about how much extra work this would be, or how much you hate the idea of people knowing your AH, or even "GOD- I gotta get out the Authenticator for this?" realize that...this works. Very well.

So take a few moments and glance over your forums right now. No, not later, because you will most likely forget. So go there now. What did you find?

Till next time,


Faid said... Reply To This Comment

Heh, a while back there was some sort of power-tripping mod watching the AD forums. Almost all our regular cool people got banned for ridiculous shit. The bans have lifted but the forums never returned to life and are nearly dead. :(

On the plus side, my WTB Cheap Herbs post stays on the front page for ages! :D

I was always surprised how few bloggers I saw plugging in the Professions forum, there's always people there asking for gold making advice. It was both surprising and refreshing to not find tons of links to blogs. xD

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