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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

4.3 Epic Gems- What Are They? Purple, Of Course!

Gotta love when PTR is out. With a ton of epic gems, some cuts from jewelcrafting (tokens, anyone?!), some even coming from transmutes (Alchemy), there is nothing but love in the air for goldmaking.

My thoughts? Keep saving up your tokens (no matter what anyone tells you), get your transmutes stocked up (Pyrium Bars/etc), and yeah.....keep your Pyrite till further notice (see previous post).

And...last but not least, the duly noted Maelstrom Crystal Shatter. But that isn't as juicy compared to all the Epics!

You will have a few gems available, feel free to click through and find your specifics....there are alot of interesting moves that can be made (and I highly doubt it will ONLY be from that's my opinion- take it or leave it).

Elven Peridot:

Queen's Garnet:


Deepholm Iolite:

Lava Coral:

Shadow Spinel:

As more comes available, I will post ASAP. Too much information out there right now, I feel like a friggin' kid in a candy store!

Looks like Alto might have to take a day off work and PTR it up!

*There is a ton more information out there: PTR Notes Wowhead

*SoCoWoW on twitter just linked up another tidbit


iiimjiiim said... Reply To This Comment

Great post. Now I don't have to make an "OMGGETITOUTFIRST!!!!" post. Look forward to digging through the info.

I'm interested to see how/if epic xmutes tie into everything.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Im mainly specialised on enchanting, speciel active tier ones. So here are my toughts.

Abyssal shatter makes things hard to predict what in pathday will happen. But i will try.

On one hand, new 5 mans increase crystal input, on other hand new gear needs to be enchanted and alot crystals AND shards go there. BS can make shards price of 8xobsidium ore+16x elementium, what in my realm ends up around 30-40g each. Only factor is time, it takes alot of it to make 1-2 stacks of shards so. Thats why shard price is 80-120g moment.

I buy around 50k of enchant mats in 1 week and get around 100k back. Summertime stacked alot crystals and i bought alot(100-200 per day) them at 1 september on around 40-50g each. Seems that well is drying out - best day there is 50 crystals at 80g moment. Latest Fireland nerf has some input too, players progress further in fireland, get more valor points from there, what means less zul runs to cap what end up less crystals in market. Crystal price rised 10g in last week and i predict it will rise more, because amount of crystals will decrease slowly.

Obsidium shuffle produces more dusts then essences. Speciel if you want to transmute red ones to rubys. Done 3 times 100 stack obsidium ore shuffle completely(red ones too) to enchanting mats. On 3 cases it produces 80-120 dusts more then essences if you craft on AH demand(i know, its bit random do predict demand). What ends up that most ppl buy essences from honor and justice points, because per pointits more profitable.

What i do to prepare patch, stack shards, essences and crystals. Shards take ALOT time to craft what you dont have on pach day. Essences take too time to craft, but you end up alot dusts reserving yourbank space. Both essences and shards use ore, i expect shortage on them on patchday anyway, what rises speciel essence price alot, double price of current is minimum. Look the amount of dust in ah, that amount will not rise the dust price much up.

Crystals will be rising slowly next weeks, up to 100-150g. Dependent on shard crafting cost(30-40g), any crystal below 60-80g is safe bet to buy and if you dont use stack. There will be shortage on patchweek.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Damn Anonymous!

Thanks for your insight! That's alotta info to work on. I am sure the readers appreciate it, I know I do.


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