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Friday, July 8, 2011

Mistakes Happen....Prospecting Cataclysm Ore Droprates

Here we go!

I wrote yesterday's post thinking I would be able to explain some intel that I have accumulated over the years. Damn, that was a mistake, huh? A shortsided mind and a post written at four in the morning, trying to work in two email'ers questions....Now's the time to clear some information up....

I stated that Elementium Ore would "proc" an Inferno Ruby every 1.5 stacks. That was a complete and utter typo. What I meant was Pyrite Ore, as over mass prospecting, I averaged near 4 blues per stack, so with RNG on your side, a stack and a half of Pyrite would yield 6 blues, or one of each (with quantity). Now some might say that is a jump, but it's an accurate statement, at least quite a bit more accurate than my Elementium numbers from yesterday.....

Now the Elementium Ore. Fex's numbers (in their comment) are similar to mine in that it's around 1 Inferno (or any given blue) per 4.5 stacks, as you can see below.

Want the full monte with the prospecting of Cata Ore? Let's go with a "per" stack ratio below:


 Obsidium Ore:

"Greens" 5.8 per stack
Carnelian - .92
Zephyrite - .94
Jasper .96
Hessonite .99
Nightstone 1.1
Alicite .95

"Blues" - .9 per stack
Inferno Ruby .14
Dream Emerald .16
Ember Topaz .16
Demonseye .18
Ocean Sapphire .16
AmberJewel .16

If you go with Random numbers, you can figure one "blue" per stack (.9), and 6 "greens" (5.8) per stack prospected.


Elementium Ore:

"Greens" 4.5 per stack
Jasper .78
Alicite .72

"Blues" 1.8 per stack

If you go with Random numbers, you can figure 2 "blues" per stack (1.8), and 5 "greens" (4.5) per stack prospected.


Pyrite Ore:

Volatile Earth 3.7 per stack *Edit- This hasn't been updated since 4.1- I am prospecting a bank tab (98 stacks) of Pyrite ATM and will update in about 15 minutes...

"Greens" 6.6 per stack

"Blues" 3.9 per stack

If you go with Random numbers, you can figure 4 "blues" per stack (3.9), and 6 "greens" (6.6) per stack prospected. Oh, and 3ish Earths....


Hope this clears up any misconceptions that are floating out there on "proc" rates for prospecting, and above all, have a nice day! =)


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

3 Volatile Earths per 20 stack of pyrite? Isn't it more like 7 or 8? I definitely don't ever remember getting less than 1 Volatile Earth out of any 5 pyrite. Maybe they changed the droprate since you measured? Unless I'm just misremembering completely.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

It's gotten worse, as I used to factor almost six, but since 4.1 (haven't prospected pyrite in 4.2), I was getting alotta one's. I am prospecting a tab right now, and will update after with new numbers!

Stede said... Reply To This Comment

Hey Alto,

I mean this is the nicest way possibel man - your sample size seems like it was pretty small. It also could be that you have the bountiful bags perk, since all your numbers seem inflated.

Obsidium gives 0.3 rares per stack, on average. It also gives 6 uncommons per stack, on average.

Elementium gives 1.1 rares per stack, on average. It also gives 4.4 uncommons per stack on average.

I don't have enough data for pyrite to say one way or the other, but my best estimate is that it gives 1.2 rares per stack, on average. It also gives 4.4 uncommons per stack, on average, as well as 8 volatile earth per stack, on average.

You can hit and search for prospect rates for a bunch of data on the new elementium rates. I'd love it if you could post a nerdy-version of your data so we could put our heads together and see what's what.

Some folks may be tired of the shuffle, but great post - I still love it.


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

I am positive that pyrite even post 4.1 is giving more then the 3 you are reporting. I average 2 per prospect ~8 per stack. This may have change post 4.2 but I see no indication of this.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

HOLY SHIFT!! Thanks for the comments folks!

This is what I love about posting numbers, just like saying "buy this, resell it" or "farm this, it's a million gold if you do". It seems that no one has "accurate" data unless they did it themselves. Go figure.

Stede and Sterling both have great spreadsheets (if they are still out there), so if my numbers aren't what you want to see, check theirs. If those aren't accurate, then make sure and make up numbers that you like, although they won't differ much from what you see here (or there).

Keep smiling! =)

Xsinthis said... Reply To This Comment

My number's from ProspectMe agrees with Stede's postings

I'm tempted to prospect a large chunk of my pyrite just too get some numbers on it going

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

[53038] = {
["total"] = 62857,
[52178] = 15394,
[52179] = 15672,
[52193] = 753,
[52180] = 15670,
[52194] = 800,
[52181] = 15809,
[52195] = 752,
[52182] = 15843,
[52190] = 788,
[52177] = 15582,
[52191] = 724,
[52192] = 789,

Ores prospected: 314285
Green gems: 93970
Average green gems: 0.298996 per ore, 1.494981 per prospect, 5.979923 per stack
Blue gems: 4606
Average blue gems: 0.014655, 0.073277, 0.293110

[52185] = {
[52192] = 1771,
[52178] = 7526,
[52179] = 7541,
[52194] = 1803,
[52180] = 7716,
[52195] = 1778,
[52181] = 7438,
[52193] = 1844,
[52182] = 7498,
[52190] = 1773,
[52177] = 7511,
[52191] = 1768,
["total"] = 40793,

Ores prospected: 203965
Green gems: 45230
Avg: 0.221754, 1.108769, 4.435075
Blue: 10737
Avg: 0.052641, 0.263207, 1.052828

[52183] = {
["total"] = 2967,
[52193] = 209,
[52179] = 505,
[52194] = 214,
[52177] = 519,
[52180] = 505,
[52178] = 482,
[52181] = 492,
[52327] = 5948,
[52182] = 464,
[52190] = 210,
[52195] = 236,
[52191] = 222,
[52192] = 236,

Prospected: 14835
Green: 2967
Avg: 0.2, 1, 4
Blue: 1327
Avg: 0.089451, 0.447253, 1.789012
VE: 0.400944, 2.004718, 8.018874

This was since my mod reset in 4.1, haven't prospected any since 4.2 though.

Xsinthis said... Reply To This Comment

Looks like its yeild per ore, per prospect, and per stack respectively

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

So in the original post you mentioned that a stack of Elementium ore has a floor value of x. Given the changed numbers and an inferno ruby being worth say 100 gold - can someone advise the floor price of a stack of Obsidium, Elementium and Pyrite?

Bobbins said... Reply To This Comment

Does this post contradict your KISS post. You are complicating a very simple values into a monster. Remember keep it simple!

Arrgh I see dead people! Sorry I mean decimal places.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


This does change my KiSS post, and I have updated accordingly.


It wasn't meant to be complicated one bit, there was an error made in my part originally, and it is cleared up now. We all make mistakes, and I made one there. Sorry if there was any inconvenience.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

IMO rounding is a bad idea unless you're lazy.

Round potential profits up, one would overestimate profits and end up doing things they shouldn't have done. Round down, one underestimates and miss out on opportunities you should have taken.

This does NOT 'average out'.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


Rounding profits up or down is just an easier way to "estimate" your investment/profit ratio.

I do it that way for quicker math, as I am not rainman, and I cannot count toothpics that fast. =)

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