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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stockpiling for 4.2- Tanks? You're Welcome!

Hey folks!

Instead of me hyping up what you are needing to stockpile for 4.2 and making a killer long post that you will only read part of, I am giving some link love to a few other bloggers, so we will see what they are looking for. After you do some clicking around, c'mon back and see what I am working with...

So what Blizz announced, or not really announced, is that you need to complete quests to even get into Firelands? Sounds vaguely familiar....Ok, let's get a bit further into what is out there...Patch 4.2 Preview, a Blizz video (below), and a bunch of comments everywhere. But frankly, I am basically as lost now as I was an hour ago when I started writing this post....- CONTINUED-

Mageshadow from JMTC- Stockpile TrueGold
Well folks today is a rather big gold making tip for patch 4.2. Patch 4.2 is bringing a ton of new recipes & I was browsing through some of ptrwowhead stuff and I was looking at Truegold. I found a number of items that will require insane amount of truegold in 4.2. I found a total of 7 Blacksmithing Craftables and 2 Engineering schematics that will need Truegold for 4.2. Below are all the items and their respective PTR Wowhead links. -CONTINUED-

I've been looking at the list of new profession recipes for patch 4.2 at Wowhead and have come up with a list of items to start stockpiling. Now the information we have so far is very prelimenary so this list is also preliminary, and might change as new information becomes available. If I change what I'll  be stockpiling I will make another post about it. -CONTINUED

I have been stockpiling trade goods in preparation for patch 4.2, with the various new items coming I intend to make a profit by preparing.Here are some screenshots of some of my current stockpiled materials [to give you an idea of what I think is worth Stockpiling]
I am sure there are more that have wrote a bit, so please holler in comments if I forgot about you and you have quality content, as these are just a few of the ones I have seen, and probably missed some others....
Alright, are you ready to hear what I am stockpiling? Drum roll, about nothing?! I know, wait a sec, hear me out.
Through doing the "Shuffle", I have quite a few Blue Cata Gems (around a tab full) that are just collecting dust in a guild bank, which will be crafted and put on the AH, and I will probably be resetting the market on Inferno Rubies, Amberjewels, and Ocean Sapphires for those in need:

I also keep a normal Stockpile (if you will) of Volatiles. Although small quantities, these are mainly for when I see the prices fluctuate, I will post them up or buy them out. One that I have been holding onto is Volatile Earth. Why is that? Well, for our fellow Plate Tanks. There is a "new" leg armor that will be available, the Drakehide Leg Armor. Those that read the patch notes know that in 4.2, well....there are some changes. Instead of me explaining, here's a few comments from wowhead:
By Orranis (2·13·47) 11 days ago (Patch 4.1.0)
This is the obvious step taken to make tank pants enchants not worthless after the change to Agility not providing dodge in 4.2.

By Nathanyel (3·24·277) 10 days ago (Patch 4.1.0)
Of course this only applies to the plate tanks, bears are still better off with a Charscale Leg Armor - you get less Dodge out of the Agility than with this one, but the Agility also gives you Crit and AP, which improve your Savage Defense.

See where I am going with this? There will be quite a market for these on your server, so if you have a leatherworker, or know one, make sure and get this pattern asap, and get them tossed up on the AH. *It seems that this is a pattern bought using 10 Heavy Savage Leather from your trainer, so you might want to stock them up JIC. 

Now as the other folks mentioned in the posts above, there are new craftables in nearly every profession that pops. New PvP gear for Blacksmiths/Leatherworkers/Tailors that will be quick sales, A few Engineering recipies, and a mess of "here and there's". Most of those will be using Volatile Fire and Volatile Water, so tell you what, do your homework, and stockpile your own little chunk of what you plan to make right away. Deal?

I cannot emphasize this enough. MAKE SURE YOU ARE FIRST ON YOUR SERVER TO SELL THESE GOODS! If you are resetting the market on "x" material, make sure and keep a tight eye on them. Patches are a great chance to make some killa gold, are you going to be in that group? Or wishing a week into it that you did?


Clint R. Murphy said... Reply To This Comment

Excellent Alto.

I just put up my first post and it talks about the fact that I have no gold - yea, blogging about gold with no gold.

The reason is I've reas every article above and have put away what I think will rise - largely volatiles, truegold, enchanting mats (minor) and jewels (300 inferno rubies roughly).

I am really hoping to download my Darkmoon cards in the next week and reinvest that gold further into patch planning so I can take full advantage come patch time.

Good Luck!

Liam said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for the link love mate :D

I'll be making sure i'm first selling all of these new good, going to be doing the firelands dailies on 4 different toons so I can get access to the vendors.

Definatly going to be first on the drakehide leg armours !

Cold said... Reply To This Comment

I have just barely even started to stockpile as I've been waiting for school kids to get out before stockpiling for patch 4.2 so all I have been doing so far is my truegold and dreamcloth cooldowns.

I'm focusing not so much on Patch 4.2, but on the mass influx of players that comes when school let's out. If there's a patch too, that's just a bonus.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Being deeply on enchanting market, i have to say that best profit will be essences and may be shards, dust and crystals will go to normal price very quickly.

Essence reason is this. Its required on alot in enchanting and its hard to make. Best method to make is using ore shuffle and using red gems to craft that fist weapon for disenchanting. Problem 1 - red gems are mostly used, so price will be high. That high price will make essences price high too. Problem 2 - all other color gems end up way more in dust then essences. After all the guild perks, you get dust 5x-6x more then essences from green, yellow, orange, and purple color gems. If there is alot people doing disenchanting stuff, ah will be flooded with dust. while same time there is shortage of essences.

Dream shard is a other hard to get item. Less ppl running normal hc-s means less shards. Best crafting method is blacksmiths plate shoulders, but with very high time factor. Frorm 1-2g each obsidium and elementium ore you end up around 25-50g each shard BUT to make a few stack of them takes around half a hour. That high time factor is reason why i think shard market will stay high long long time.

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