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Monday, June 13, 2011

Patch 4.2 Questlines - The Information Highway

As you all know, I like to be prepared before patches hit. And one of my prereq's for this site, and 99% of my posts, are I write about what I am doing in WoW.

This post is directly a part of that. I haven't logged in to the game in two days, but this morning I have been searching for everything (and the best of) questing for patch 4.2. Upon waking, I had a comment on a previous post, Stockpiling Quests in 4.2, that made me think. We do need a one stop shop for questing, and it is.

My running around on the PTR has been limited (a few hours here and there, mostly at the start) for this upcoming patch, so instead of seeing a bird's eye view of what I have done in there, I am utilizing others to help me out.

Let it be known that this is none of my own making, I just wanted to get all the info in one spot (for both my needs and yours). Figure it that I spent two hours finding stuff so you don't have to. =) On with the show!

The main questline that starts things off is the Elemental Bonds, and I found an amazing video for a walkthrough that I would like to share with you.....

*Since the word is that there is going to be phasing (thanks Blizzard), you might want to slip either before or after the main groups roll through to enter into a less massive phase. Otherwise this area will just be, well, a bit busy....

This video is a bit over 30 minutes, but covers great info. SPOILER ALERT~If you are one that waits to see new schtuff, don't watch. Stop reading now. Come back after 4.2 hits.

This video is made by Total Halibut: You can find more of his work (and other great questline videos) at his website at or his YouTube page, Total Biscuit.

Now for links (as if you don't have enough already):

Alto's Favorite- Best written information that I have found is done by, of course, wowhead and their great staff: Guide to 4.2 Dailies has a PTR forum that is extremely helpful (if you run into issues or just want to read up). This is made by blizzard staff, so there won't be any "sneaky" ways around their information, just "straight up" legit reading.

Through the Fire and Flames: Videos- Comments

Firelands Raid Information: Videos- Comments- Boss Information

A Legendary Engagement: Videos- Comments- Walkthroughs

The Regrowth - Molten Front Dailies: Videos- Comments- Walkthroughs

Elemental Bonds: Videos- Comments- Walkthroughs

I feel extremely confident that within this post, you can find any questions that you may have upon the start of 4.2. My best option for you is to tag this page so when you get started questing, you won't have to google or search by yourself to get the info, you can just c'mon back here. Once again, hope this helps you out!

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scottiegazelle said... Reply To This Comment

Awesome! Thanks!!

Michael said... Reply To This Comment

Fantastic post. Thanks Alto! I had been planning to copy my toon over to PTR again, but, I think I might just rely on this stuff instead. Thanks for the time saver!

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

No problem guys, glad I can be of service! Thanks for the comments!

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Does anyone know if you must have completed the entire Hyjal quest line to be able to access this starting quest? Thanks!!

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