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Friday, June 24, 2011

EU Players- Killa Giveaway from WoWTrader!

Hey folks! Another great competition is in the works over at WoWTrader! Acy is giving away a chance to win some great prizes, so make sure you get your EU downloads and updates for a great chance at getting a nice Blizzard Mount! Did I mention if you aren't already using the AH tracker over there, you better?! The absolute best tool to have for your Auction House!

Image from epictoon
Image from Blizzard

You can see the full info here, but it's best to head over to WoWTrader and see for yourself! Since it's an EU based site, you need an EU account to enter, sorry US players!

The winner will be selected once the 2500th user upload is made (we are currently at about 1800).
Every upload will give you one chance to win, so if you have made a single upload you will have 1/2500 chance to win. If you have uploaded 100 times you will have a 1/25 chance to win. I think this is the fairest way of rewarding the most active members while still giving everybody a chance.
I will be contacting the winner via the email address they have configured on the site. If you do not have a valid email I will not be able to contact you.
This competition is only open to registered users who have uploaded an auction scan.
The winner is going to get their choice of in game pet or mount available through the EU Blizzard Online Storeyou can pick any of the following if you win:


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