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Friday, June 24, 2011

At Last, A Legit Promotion Email from Blizzard

Well, I just got verification that this is true, and it's not a hacker/scammer paradise email. I was a bit worried when I received this, as there has been quite a few "legit" looking emails floating around, but if yours looks like this, it's all good, baby, yeah! (what is with all the Austin Powers lately? I haven't seen that movie in like 5 years....I dunno....).

But do yourself (or a buddy) a favor and check in that inbox. I didn't get the exact times, in other words how long your account has to be active, but it's worth a check.  I am wondering if it isn't only for us vanilla starters....Anyways, chickity-check it! It's a great way to get some cross faction trades or RaF (asking on that one right now..will answer 100% when I know 100%..).

*Edit: Cold from Cold's Gold found the blue post here: Free Account for WoW Veterans? Thanks bruddah!

*Edit: After reading some blue posts, it seems that quite a few folks are pissed off that they didn't receive it (playing since vanilla) since the "box" wasn't checked for "Receive future special offers" (settings<communication settings). Pfft. Didn't know I had it checked, but you might want to check your settings on

Now all we need is to get our friggin pets for logging in on WoW Anniversaries...a man can wish, can't he?!


Cold said... Reply To This Comment

I got it and immediately deleted it after thinking to myself, "Damn! That's a pretty damn good phishing scam someone created!"

So no free account for me. :(

Is this a ploy to up the subscription numbers? I mean free account? Yeah right, free for 30 days until you have to pay for subscriptions.

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

I think it's a good thing. Rift was only out a month before they were giving "free" accounts. Finally Blizz has competition, so I believe we will see them stepping up their "game" in the future.

Even though it's only 30 days free, I think thats better than nothing, and it saves the $10,20, or whatever you would spend on a key to get a second account.

I feel Blizz did good with this. Customer since '04, at 16 bucks a month, with three xpacs bought, that adds up $$$$...

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