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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Who let the Dogs Out? Alto's BoW WoW

Hey folks! Let's see what happens with this....With less than 3% of my pageviews actually going to my blogroll, I figure that ya'll are missing out on some great content written by other gold bloggers. For those that aren't looking, you really need to start, as there is a ton of great information posted weekly.

If this flows great with you all, I will continue this process weekly. Sound good? Let my know below in comments if you love it or hate it!

Oh, you are wondering about the BoW WoW? Best of the Week in World of Warcraft. Can you tell if the Adderall kicked in yet? I am not too sure, so forgive me if the links are broken....holler out if they are below, and I will fix em asap. 

*As usual, please don't skim through this post, unless you have read each of these blogposts. Deal? Deal. Let's get it started in here! (bad music reference there....I know. Sorry about that).

Guest Post by Torgal
With Patch 4.1 there are now two new pet-related achievements: Petting Zoo for collecting 100 companion pets and Menagerie for collecting 125. How can we as gold-makers profit from the increased demand for companion pets (AKA mini-pets, vanity pets)? Find out after the jump. 

Great list of Vendor Items to Flip
I normally don't list minor gold making methods, but I think this deserves a mention because it requires almost no time at all to perform so it can be combined with other gold making tactics.

Enchanting in 4.1.0
For those of you who are still having difficulty with enchanting and aren't sure what to sell this entry is for you. Basically it's a quote from EJ and every class/spec forum of the recommended enchants for every slot.
"How to" Questing for the Panther Cub 4.1.0
Today I will be showing you the quest chain to get your very own Panther Cub, from the quest chain that was just implemented in Patch 4.1.0. -continued-

I have been playing in the potion market on my server after taking my second Alchemist to swap alchemy specializations to potion master.  Early into the release of Cataclysm, there was no profit to be made in either the flask or potion markets. -continued-

Arena Changes in 4.1.0
The inexplicably undocumented Arena point change has been a huge blow to my drive to PvP in WoW. In case you missed it - you know, focusing on all the gold-making and "versus AH" opportunities - the way Conquest points are earned have been radically changed.

Barking Mysterious Fortune Cards- Not Good!
If you are a canine, this may be news to you. If you're not, you're going duuuuuh.
But because you know we're talking about World of Warcraft, you know what I'm referring to.

4.1.0 Obsidium Shuffle
By far I think the biggest change we all want to talk about is the Obsidium shuffle. Yes gem prices did change lets see here all green quality cut Cata gems dropped to 75s which is huge. Where the green quality cut Cata perfect gems dropped to 90s vendor value

A little post on a guy you might know...This Guy! I capped a million gold a few months ago, but it's a nice interview with a little background on me. You might like it, you might not, but read it if you haven't. 

Markco got back into writing, well, for one post at least. I am fond of this one due to he hits on one of my favorite subjects, my blog. 

Was there a post out there that I missed that covered some killa information? Are you a blogger and you aren't on my blogroll? Check out my list to the right, and holler out in comments! I don't want to miss anyone!

*Remember, today is the last day to get your Achievements in Noblegarden. There is a great 2011 updated "How To" on WowInsider: The Overachiever; Guide to Noblegarden


Mallrat said... Reply To This Comment

I'd love for my blog to show up on your list =)

iiimjiiim said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for the mention. I love blogrolls! (Mmmmm rolls. With butter melting...mmmmm.)

Vayaz said... Reply To This Comment

Just wondering whether my mail was yet again flagged as "Junk"? :P

Anyway, in your first mail you told me you had added me to that ominous blog roll, though I can't seem to find anything related there, not even at the very bottom of it. *sad face*

Toltec said... Reply To This Comment

I'm going to go for it here. I'm Toltec and my blog has gone live. The are two Blogging Carnival submissions and a post on glyphs that I'd recommend. Thanks!!!

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Sorry for the late approval, as yesterday was a whirlwind, didn't even log into WoW....


Wierd. Just weird brother. Some dream of gold, or tetris (remember that? shit, i played that game so much awake i would dream blocks), and you dream of buttered, melting rolls. Classic!

God Dammit! Where did you go? I am getting you up right now. Issue with RSS feed? DAMMIT!

Done and Done.

Torgal said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah thanks Alto for the mention. My first post ever on gold making and you spread it.
Maybee you coul mention Fluxes List of Gold blogs as well ... ;-)

Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Torgal, you just did!

TheGimp said... Reply To This Comment

Hey Alto, bought your guide under the name of Anarchy and I've been pumping in gold ever since, decided id help people out with some tips and tricks I picked up of my own over at my brand new blog and was hoping you might like to check it out ,

Hope I can live up to your legacy and help the community as much as you have helped me.


Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Glad to hear Anarchy! I just added you to my blogroll, best of luck to you in your new blogging adventure!

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