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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Who Let the Dogs Out? Alto's BoW WoW Part Deux

It's that time again. A week in review of my favorite posts around the blogosphere. I have to say the top one isn't even a post, as one of my favorite farming spots have returned to the game. On the Friday night JMTC meeting, Mageshadow mentioned that the Crusader Enchant is farmable once again. Cheers! I posted on this back in October 2010, and it used to be a huge goldmine for me (and is now back in my weekly rotation to farm).

After the meeting, a few of us went there to check the droprates, and here's my screenie after about an hour of farming. You see it right, three of em. Since then, I have gone back and I haven't been able to reproduce that, I was there shy of two hours and got one. So the RNG will differ.....but you all know that already. Xander (see his gold blog here) also hit up the area that evening, and he got two epics in the time I got my Formulas (but no crusaders for him).

Anyways, with that aside, here's my BoW WoW (Best of the Week in World of Warcraft):

Kaliope's Crafting Blog:

It came to my attention yesterday that there are some new Inscription and Tailoring items showing up on Wowhead, which I had somehow overlooked on my first pass of the trainers. I went back and found three new items for Scribes -continued-

Ele-Mental Gold:
While our american friends have their great Undermine Journal we europeans still lack a part of analysis when it comes to gold making. This is where the Market Watcher addon comes into play.

Capped By Cata:
Enchanting is a huge market currently on my server, as people are getting new gear and eagerly looking for the latest and greatest ways to enhance them. This is another post that will revolve around tanking as Call to Arms

Kuja's Goldmine:
While on my way to Blackrock Depths to buy a vendor sold limited supply recipe, I bumped into a level 50 rare monster called The Behemoth

PowerWord Gold:

Cata Skinning and Potion of Treasure Finding
While I'm not one to harp on "gold per hour" it was nice to see that I was able to get around 3000g worth of materials in this one hour farming session.

PrncessPwn's AH:
That is one market that can be extremely volatile. From my experience in the AH, that has been the most difficult market to get into and stay in, with deep undercutting.

Auction House Addict:

Cooking for Gold: Patch 4.1 Style
With the introduction of several new food & drink related achievements in patch 4.1, I have seen a rise in the prices of almost all the cataclysm buff foods & drinks craftable by my maxed cook. -continued-

Cold's Gold Factory:
The Amani Hex Stick used to bind-on-pickup, but since Patch 4.1 it can now be traded and sold on the auction house.  They used to disappear if you died or left the instance, so this is a nice change to the Hex Sticks.


Poultryized said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks for this post! It's great to read your pointers to particularly valuable tips.

One issue, the link for the Auction House Addict post seemed to be messed up, here is the link (hopefully correct) I found through Google for this helpful blog post:


Admin said... Reply To This Comment

Glad I can help! I am trying to get this post out weekly, as folks might not be aware (or just skim) through blog posts.

I am hoping by doing this other blogs that folks might not be aware of get seen! Be sure to give thanks to the posters and follow the links to their articles! Now go make some gold already!

....wait.....realms are down for Tuesday maintenance. Ok, well in a few hours at least!

Kammler said... Reply To This Comment

Are the Crusader patterns farmable from the same Scarlet Archmage and Spellbinders in EP or WP?

Admin said... Reply To This Comment


After "The Shattering", the good ol' tower with the Spellbinders flipped to a different NPC. Not sure if that changed again, but yes, the Archmages in Tyr's is where I was referring to above. Although the location changed a bit from the post I linked, it's on the T when you look at the map- Ruins of The Scarlet Enclave- (sp)

Ven said... Reply To This Comment

Today 1 hour farming and not a single drop.
Guess they nerf it or drop rate is lower then before

BuyWoWAccounts said... Reply To This Comment

@Alberthus: Perhaps there are certain times wherein the drop rate is faster, and by that time you were farming it was just low then.

Buy WoW Accounts

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